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Published in United Kingdom - Financial analysis - 19 Feb 2016 13:05 - 6

Hello people of UK.  This article will be covering a few points regarding the finance of this country.

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First lets open with a quick run down of how the finances are looking at the moment:
Uk currently holds £12,233.79 gbp and 245.85 gold

All tax rates are set at 1%.

At observation we are not doing that well, current daily tax yield is about 1.5 gbp, a figure that does not allow for much expenditure.

I would therefore like to make the following proposals as Minister of Finance.

1. Work tax and Vat on all items to be increased to 5%

2. Import tax on all items to be increased to 10%

3. Government Grants for factories to be handed out to up to 10 players

These proposals should have a positive affect on our country. The first 2 are mainly to allow the government to increase its revenue and therefore expenditure. The figures are still low so as not to upset the trade market too much and when compared with other countries they are generally lower.

The third proposal hopes to increase local production and therefore help supply more jobs and better prices on the market.
I would like congress to consider these suggestions and enact them, or amended versions, with swift decision. While we have so far got by on the generosity of players we must look to build a government finance that can provide for its citizens.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions please feel free to ask them below.


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Any ideas why the economy module is a load of crap? There's no proper currency market or trading - why is there no access to foreign markets? I sort of assumed these were early teething troubles - yet nothing has happened.
@Paul Tyndale, well the game is still very young and uk in particular has maybe only 50-60 financially active players so we are really feeling the brunt of this. I would say the issue with the economy as a whole is lack of big expenditure, we need governments to be buying lots and making factories as well to get the economy rolling.
Yes we do jny123 which I believe should be the main area of focus for the country and for congress to address or things are just going to worse for the country as a whole if they/I do not.
Well done on article Jny123 Agreed on everything you wrote. o7
Benchmarking the currency to gold exchange rates would be good for the country and make you money.