[MoFA] Stay Strong, Portugal

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Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania.

Hello everyone,
As some of you know I was out for an event during the last 5 days and I´ve just returned today, unfortunately, with the news of the tragedy in Pedrógão Grande, in Portugal. An fire, until now believed to be caused by natural factors, killed more than 60 people, most of them charred inside their cars, more than 130 injured and dozens deallocated in the central region of Portugal. 

I would like to express in behalf the Lithuanian people all our sadness by what happened in Portugal and send our condolences and prayings for the victims of this horrifying tragedy and their families. Unfortunately what happened this weekend in Portugal is already one of the biggest tragedies their country ever faced and the flames are still not totally controlled by the authorities.

We really hope that Portugal stay strong, get over the flames, rebuild what have been lost and remember the victims of this tragedy.
We are with you, brothers, take care.



Lietuvos Užsienio Reikalų Ministras, Walen.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania.



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oh dude.
stay strong, Portugal o7
Thanks! o7
real tragedy that happened but at the end, its our own (mankind) fault.
Portugal ❤ As if not all the other neoliberalism problems this lovely country has, was enough. Portugal stay strong
o7 stay strong, brothers
We will always keep fighting... o7
Stay strong Portugal
Portugal ❤
thanks a lot man, its really rough, i use to spend my holidays in the place that is burning, it used to be a very peaceful place, full of animal life and beautiful rivers, to see it all burning and so many dead, breaks my heart. And worst is i fear this year we will have one of the hardest droughts of this century, for my country, hard times are ahead of us
Força Portugal o7
Stay strong Portugal o7
Portugal had bigger disaster - Great Lisboa earthquake in 1755. Even the King abdicated after this. The problem in Portugal is because of many eucalyptus trees which in this part of year produce eucalyptus oil. That s why the fire is really a big problem and create such big disasters. Stay strong Portugal o7
Stay strong Portugal o7
Stay strong Portugal o7
Stay strong Portugal o7
Stay strong Portugal o7
Stay strong Portugal o7
Thank you. I think that one player is combating the fire he is DarkZeus85 a fireman and he is in center zone combating the fire!
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tay strong Portugal o7