Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) - Warfare analysis - 19 Feb 2016 09:08 - 30

After few weeks of unsuccessful resistances, we have managed to finally liberate a region. This would not be possible without our friends.

Hail Kami, Hail Inspection and others who helped us win this epic battle. The help will not ever be forgotten, even if now we are not in position to return it., one day we will be! 
Great chat organization as well. 

Respect for Kylo for the massive dmg he has done. o7



Comments (30) - Finally a successful resistance
o7 hail kami hail inspection
if i ever decide to change country i will come to you just for your determination Laugh but you must admit you are happier under greece rule i am a good dictator Laugh
Nice fight congrats for the win.
Good fight o7 And welcome on map MKD o/
Kylo thank you for the endorsement but now i dont need GR, i need mkd for my workers Laugh
Hail Kami Hail Inspection Hail Allies o/ Kylo, it was enough of u, lets be free for a change Laugh
vote o7
o7 hail kami hail inspection ty for help
o7 Hail kami
you can be as free as you want when we make a nap Laugh
Aaaa i dont think NAP is a option Laugh
Nice battle!!!
Good job guys.
Nice fight o7
Cestitam o/
voted .. nice reading an aftermath battle article which ends by mutual respects from both sides o7
mutual respects from both sides makes me sick, its like a gay wedding
nice fight
FYROM... Where many betrayers came from..
Nice battle o7
Is it only me or nobody "hails" Pentito xD