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Greetings fellow citizens of Japan,

In this issue of our newspapers we will inform you of the new Mutual Protection Pacts (MPPs) we have signed, and briefly describe the reasons behind them.

We have signed MPPs with the following countries:

    South Korea 

We have been cooperating with South Korea, Uruguay and Spain for some time, and we have decided to formalize our cooperation with an MPP.

Columbia has asked for protection from us, so we agreed to sign an MPP with them.
Protection of weaker countries is Japan s politic, and we will continue to protect and support weaker countries from being totally deleted.

The latest example is Canada. Canadian Minister of Defense came to us seeking protection from Ireland, which planned to conquer Canada s last region.
We have contacted the Irish CP and asked if he would leave Canada on one region, but he bluntly refused, and said that he will annihilate Canada.

After that, we took action and signed an MPP with the defenseless Canada in order to protect them from being bullied.

Irish CP also tried threatening us and giving us an ultimatum : 

At the moment, MoFA team of Japan is working on making an agreement between Canada and Ireland so we can avoid further conflict.

And last, but not the least. 

Government of Japan is currently concluding an agreement with the Government of Ukraine about giving Ukraine regions which they need for bonuses.

We are also currently concluding an agreement with the Government of Thailand about renting a part of their country.

With respect, 
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan team:

 -MoFA Shiro              -vMoFA nakituminayashi



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Irish are aggressive aren't they lol. I guess Japan and SK worked it out diplomatically, I figured you two were on bad standing relationship especially with the article published from SK. I do wonder if Thailand is only negotiating about rent because Japan beat them up for :p
o7 V
o7 v
"Protection of weaker countries is Japan's politic, and we will continue to protect and support weaker countries from being totally deleted." - Where's Russia?... K, I think I understand the whole mechanics of "protection", Japan wipped Russia to protect their territories. Damn! u are too good people
@Leite de Macaca, 1.Russia didn't contacted with Japan. 2.Most of Russia territories in Ukraine. 3.We work on it with Ukraine already a week+ even when they (Rus) not contacted with us.
@Kami Neko So... It's like "Do what I say, not what I do"
I was going to leave them a region until you sarted a rw..
Who started RW? And please, do not lie. I have multiple logs where you clearly state that you will delete Canada.