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Hello, my name is Ed and I am interviewing Shiro aka The Multi-Maker, the MoFA of HOLY EMPIRE OF JAPAN. 

Ed|A: So Mr. Shiro, anything you would like to say before starting?

TechShiro: First of all, I would like to thank all my fans, I know I am so popular. Ofcourse, things like this make one popular. Second, thanks Ed for interviewing me.

Ed|A: No problem, so off to new question, Is TechPirate your multi acc?

TechShiro: Well, I would love to clarify that TechPirat(e) is my multi acc. Everyone knows that. Even my irc nick is TechPirat. Why does it not have e in it? Because my english used to suck and I didnt knew that Pirate had an e at end until recently. Back to question; Yes, TechShiro is my multi acc and I am proud of it. It made me popular.

* +TechShiro waves to his fans

Ed|A: How did you get off perma-ban?

TechShiro: I have a visa friend named Kami, he spends a lot on this game. The only reason, Admins love him so much. Yes, I love him too. Afterall he is rich. So, he told the Admins to unban me, but Admin said, "No, not like this. He must apologize." So I went in and begged the admins, I kissed their hands and did all sort of inferior things. And yay, I am off the list.

Ed|A: Do you plan on using your Multi acc anymore?

TechShiro: Sure, why not. I got off last time. I will get off next time too. Until I got Visa friends, I will keep on getting off the list. I plan on increasing my clones. Make a cute little army of Shiro-s.

Ed|A: What got you caught in the first place?

TechShiro: Well, its very hard to keep record of my accounts and which acc I am logged in. In my Shiro acc (Main acc), I use a line (Shiro has spoken. o7) in end of every sentence. I forgot that I was TechPirate acc and accidently commented with (Shiro has spoken. o7) at end of comment.

Ed|A: What do you plan on doing with USA citizens?

TechShiro: Reven8e, notice the 8? I love that TV series. So I will get someone banned for multi-ing. Just wait and see.

Ed|A: Any last words?

TechShiro: Well kids, if you ever get banned, always use your visa friend. And apologize too.

Ed|A: Thank you for interview, Mr Shiro.

TechShiro: Ofc, afterall, this is increasing my popularity. I am so popular. Everyone is using my message in their articles. 

* +TechShiro waves again to Fans

Sorry of it being short, I was in hurry. :P Hope you like it.

-Eddie A.
A Newb Around.



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Even though the point of this article is non-existent, I must hand it to you- I laughed like hell Laugh
Solid journalism, hah
Endorse because he's a douche.
This is pretty funny.
Oh Lololol
Shiro ID 11827 TechPirate ID 7732 :/ and tech is multi of shiro? 2nd he didnt broke any rule of this game, you can ask USA mod... so stop crying and talk nonsences. Regards