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Published in Poland - Social interactions and entertainment - 18 Feb 2016 20:44 - 3 PL EN
Author: Phor Killick Ćwir Ćwir Wszystkim i Każdemu Z Osobna! Chirp Chirp Everyone, and Every Single One of You!

Today we have something uncommon. Two ideas, running in the country and slowly expanding in it :) POLISH MEDAL LEAGUE
First one is a contest in something, which we may call `accurate damage dealing`. For each position in Top8 of the battle, player gets the points (according of number of contestants and position). After specified time top players are getting valuables - mostly it s a country currency, but sometimes its also gold. :)

League has a little problems for a moment. Mostly, because of lack of API maintaining the league is very time-consuming. That s why Season 02 still hasn t evaluated and Season 03 (currently in progress) has at the moment no standings. :(
But I am working at a way to make it more available for each country. It will take both time and people (because there isn t an API ready... T_T), but it may be profitable :) eMMA
Second idea is brand new. I am known in multiple universes as a bird with many weird ideas and in most often situation, I was making popular things, which were somehow only partially related to real game. :)

This time I got an idea about Mixed Martial Arts. Rules?

- Each fighter needs to have a eRev account.
- Matches are simulated used variables decided BOTH by players (strategy, skill disposition) and a game (skill points).
- Matches are simulated using a freeware program.
- Winner of match gets... something. It depends of the rank of the match. The more important is a match the higher amount of money you can get by win. :)

I would like to know your opinion about eMMA, because I almost finished the system and soon I may open the federation. :)


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