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eREV Day 39 - Feb 18 16


Personal Achievements

Hello eREV citizens! So after playing this game for three days, I m finally able to participate in the first patriotic battle for eIndonesia. I bet all you experienced players must know how it feels when you were a novice player like me and to be able to experience this kind of battle for the first time. You know, marching in high spirit to the battlefield, very motivated to test-proof your skill, while eagerly anticipating to collect your first True Pariot (TP) medal.


So yeah, I got my first TP medal and along with it five nice lumps of Gold. Yay! On a side note, with all available resources that I got (food, free weapons, RPG/bazooka, tanks,and hellis from weekly event), so far I managed to inflict 80,667 damage points. Oh and I also reached experience level 20 by the way. It seems that leveling up will be tough from this point on though.

Battle Log and Stats

Let s talk about some numbers and statistics. Now take a look at the following screen shot which was taken 10 hours after the battle has started (it was started on 06:02 AM server time).


eIndonesia and thanks to the support of its allies has managed to inflict a total of 11M damage, precisely 11,433,754 damage points. While eAustralia has managed to inflict a total of 1,442,927 damage points. Note that the battle is still going on by the time I write this. Once it ended, I will come with the final numbers and result.

Update: The final damage points of eIndonesia allies is 18,343,401 points, while eAustralia got a total of 2,444,322 damage points. These are numbers that I captured at 06.00 server time of February 19th, about two minutes before the battle ended.


While above numbers are quite interesting, there is one particular thing that really got my attention: average damage points per energy. For efficiency sake, let s call it DPpE Avg. The calculation is simply as follow:

Total Damage inflicted / Total Energy spent = DPpE Avg
One thing to note is that this average number is very fluctuative, it will differs from battle to battle based on number of players resources and participation.

Since I m a citizen of eIndonesia and am concerned about it, I m going to underline its DPpE Avg basing on the stats being displayed on above screen shot. eIndonesia DPpE Avg after 10 hours of battle was 1,615.21 damages per energy (6,854,982 damages divided by 4,244 energy). It is only slightly higher compared to eAustralia s 1,538.30 DPpE Avg.

Update: The final DPpE Avg of eIndonesia after the battle ends is 1,298.19, while eAustralia s DPpE average is 1,906.64. In terms of quality, the eAustralian citizens won, but in numbers (quantity) we are the victors.

It really concerns me, knowing that eIndonesia greatly outnumbered eAustralia in terms of active citizens quantity (551 compared to only 44). So how could this be the case?  Well, so far I can come up with these possible answers:
    There are not enough eIndonesia citizens who took part in this battle so far, or
    eIndonesia citizens don t have enough energy and resources to bring with them to the battlefield, orThis is for sure: eIndonesia average citizens level (16) is lower compared to that of eAustralia s (20).

Final word, great quantity does not necessarily guarantee a battle victory. Sometime a small army with high leveled warriors could match or even overcome a bigger army which consists of lower leveled warriors.


After learning above points, I as a citizen who deeply loves his e-country, hereby ask all fellow eIndonesia countrymen to fight and stand together while doubling our efforts in the battlefield, as far as we can. This is also a shout to the newly elected government to wisely prepare the citizens in the forthcoming battles by providing training and logistic whenever possible, as well as clear and coordinated battle commands so we can assure the victory of our each and every battle.


I have several ideas regarding the battle logistic support backed by both higher leveled citizens and government, but I will leave that for another article. I have to stop typing for now. Hopefully you enjoy reading this article and found some interesting ideas. Lastly, vote, and shout your thoughts. And don t forget to share and subscribe to get my next articles. Have fun and be safe!



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Voted, Subcribe, Good Article o7
many thanks CP .. and o7
problem is that we haven't got our own economic minister which can manage our economic for now .
there must be at least one or two out of 551 eIndonesia players who would potentially be the right man for the job, we just haven't found him/her/them yet .. worst case scenario: say that we couldn't find one, we must delegate one of the congressmen to learn how to do the job from other proven e-government .. by the way, thanks for commenting gan
good article, lanjutkan gan
roger gan, siap laksanakan o7
mo ngevote ga bisa2. game yg aneh.
gpp gan, thanks 4 trying though .. mungkin pas agan ngevote lagi ada penambahan fitur oleh tim developer gamenya, buktinya udah mulai muncul iklan, ada tombol share fb dan barusan saya liat di market udah ada opsi beli lisensi market negara yg kita mau ... 20G per lisensi! gilee aje
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@jungrim, warm greetings to our eSK friend, enjoy your time here .. many thanks for your v+c+s, I've returned the favor by doing the same