Delos, Fortuna and FU : Joint Statement

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Sign, SC of Délos
Sign, SC of Fortuna
Sign, Rapin
Sign, random player
Oh great. Since you 3 are officially together, would you stop crying about balance so we can beat you with joy? Thank you.
Sign, random player
@Kinyas Thanks for salt, French fries are now on point on Kebabs.
trust serbiaNs nap? :d NO WAY
lol how many tears Laugh
Sign, SC of FU
VV countries, it s time to leave the monster. Good idea.
Signed, NAPdrad
Good move, voted!
Signed , Donnis , The Last Lynx Pardinus
Signed by Knight of FU o/
I see NAPdrad , I vote it.
Sign Chuliganas, not a snitch
Signed, Cro CP
Signed OFC President o7
Signed Georgian King of Netherlands o7
Signed by Mano Filert.
Signed by PM of France
@mano Who is Mano Filert?
signed by CP of Germany SoFa of Fortuna Smile
Kill VV?!
Signed by CP of France
Signed by me..kill vv
Signed by your new stepdad
Signed by CP of Wales
Signed by Risisnitch
funny Statement
Signed!?! Ayaaa
@captainobvious ❤
Signed by VSC of FU
Signed by vSC of Délos
O.o signed by the former sc of delos :smirk:
kill em all
Signed by the genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist
Sing peru o7
Signed by Ganci Power Laugh
o/ o/ o/
Joint statement... Only with Délos logo and name. Makes sense.
Are you afraid?
Sign, Jota Scammer o7
Sign by Flow Portuguese
Signed, Dictator of Angola.
Signed, Mayor of Victoria
OK now create a HQ for hyper alliance, one to rule all, and then we might have something going.
Signed by ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
loser toghether
Whole new level ...of request for NAP ..losers move this you accept you are losing ..even though you are 27 balance here ...
In fact it makes sense ...after a Joint ...a statement like this is totally normal
if you really think we are losing stop crying
77 votes and 35 subs that is the loyalty and kindness of yours
Since you can t beat them together. Devide et impera. LULZ