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DAY 39

How Phili doing?

Well ......

We have 25 citizens, 1 active and the rest are 2 clicker, pbanned, or dead.
0 Regions
Average level of 10

On the plus side:
Work tax has been fixed so has the minimum wage. The January PTO Laws have been fixed, minimum wage is back down to 1 instead of 100. Work tax is has been lowered from 50 to 7% don't remember what it was before, but we need income and citizens so i went low but still get some from workers.

We now have an active CP:
The new country president is Dino Killer. I've been trying help in the country since I joined, when the PTO laws started going into effect I started trying secret run the country and when the CP got banned took over the country, due to problems and situations I couldn't take over in game cp till yesterday.

How do our taxes look?
fraw: Import Tax 1% VAT 1%
wraw: Import Tax 1% VAT 1%
hraw: Import Tax 10% VAT 1% Due to the normal high price of this, we decided long
ago to raise it so we could also make little doe of it.
Food: Import Tax 10% VAT 1% Due to most all of our citizens can or do make this, so we don't need as much foreign help with food
Weapons: Import Tax 1% VAT 1% Due to we need as much foreign help with weapons
Tank: Import Tax 1% VAT 1% not many people sell these on the market
Helicopter: Import Tax 1% VAT 1% Same as tanks

Currently we have no though we do work closely with some countries.

We not really in any alliance right now, though we are at the moment in UAA.

Any Question? If so, please pm or post in the comments.

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