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Published in Indonesia - First steps in eRevollution - 18 Feb 2016 11:18 - 4

´╗┐eREVOLLUTION world day 39 - Feb 18 16

So here it is, my own eREV journal has finally (and officially) born. I warmly welcome you my fellow Indonesian countrymen as well as all other players from around the eREVOLLUTION world. Wish you a fun and nice time reading my upcoming articles.


A brief intro about me. I m Moers, a new player who have recently joined this interesting game just 3 days ago. This is the first time I ve play an online game of this kind so you can imagine my curiosity about particularly everything inside this game. Fortunately, I ve found some nice first steps guides here and there so I can walk my first steps correctly while gaining a good deal of idea of how the game mechanism works. Hats off and a big o7 to KASKUS community in this thread who ve been providing novice players like me with guides and useful tips.

CMIIW, but in my first 3 days learning and lurking in various quality articles published by many players, I ve come to an understanding that economy plays a big role in this game, both individually as a player or collectively as a nation. It s so important that the other part of the game (military) heavily relies on it. Gold is the god of all currencies in this virtual game, if I may say.

Okay, I have to stop for now. Feel free to subscribe to my journal if it s to your liking. I can promise you this; expect to read some humble articles related to financial and even military warfare analysis in my future articles. Not saying that I m a great analyzer though :-) You guys have a nice day and great time playing!



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PERTAMAX Greeting from eIndonesia VCS done
many thanks, gan! enjoy your time here :-)
thanks CP, o7