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Published in Poland - Political debates and analysis - 17 Feb 2016 21:48 - 21 PL EN
Author: Phor Killick Ćwir Ćwir Wszystkim i Każdemu Z Osobna! Chirp Chirp Everyone, and Every Single One of You!

This time I want to show something, which may cause mayhem. ARE YOUCRYING BECAUSE YOU DON`T HAVE A CHANCE AGAINST POLAND?
Main priority of Poland from the beginning was securing the peace (or at least status quo) in Baltic Sea area. That`s why a war, which appeared between Sweden and Lithuania - which is still ongoing - is making me concerned.

Last days though a strange thing happened. Tension between two countries has skyrocketed so much, one of them decided to leave the alliance. Reason? Medalblind people from leaving country, leaded by moderator, were forcing allied countries to lose some important battles. People tried to negotiate. People tried to solve problem... and in the end, one country decided to leave the alliance.

And what that country decided to do? Start discussing with anyone to wipe the `reason` of leaving that alliance. No matter costs and no matter hostilities between discussed countries.

There is one little problem in their plans: that country didn`t knew most of their supposed allies are still in touch with the `possible victim` country. I wouldn`t explain countries, but you probably know what those countries are. :)

So, mentioned countries, trying to got my attention, published all the information right into my hands. It looks like the bigger country is so `prepared` they sent two different propositions of new alliance - one to Country A excluding Country B... and one to Country B excluding Country A. With the same remaining countries. Well... at least interesting. :P

More, they decided to ask even their old allies to help in `punishing` by doubling the MPP and knowing help will arrive to their country in place of `victim`. There is a catch there though - admins could fix that already and declaring a war may be equal to removing couple of MPPs. Or even resetting the MPPs and activating them to war only if a core region is attacked.

So... does that strong, hugely populated country doesn`t have enough balls to start a real 1v1 war and they rather want to start 3v1 or even 4v1 war? :)

And what is happening now? Information about Country A talking with `Victim`, was used by Country B... who is also sending crucial info to the `Victim`. And the big country decided to wipe Country C first - just becuase Country C exists between the big country and Country A... ARE YOUCRYING FOR A REASON?
Well, let`s go back in time. To good old times when `bully` and `victim` cooperated. And - trust me - it was very good cooperation. And still relations between those leaders, who initiated the agreement, is quite good. Both countries started to expand independently - one country in one way, one country in another. Then, when the `victim` was finishing their expansion... an incident happened - country lost a `no-way-we-can-lose` battle. Quick research showed a horrible truth - One of players living in `bully` country (let`s call him a Suspect) showed us his medal-blindness the first time. And his damage was skillfully used by the mastermind of the action. Accidentally, the difference was almost equal to damage done by player, who failed to achieve the Battle Hero medal. But damage has been done - a whole country become irritiated.

A conversation appeared between two Leaders. Leader of `victim` asked about information and possibility to at least make that player not fight against their own allies. After sending the information about a suspect`s login, Leader of current `bully` despite his efforts couldn`t make a good answer... The conversation ended.
Then, a Suspect himself decided to write to Leader of `victim` country, advertising his article with an paramilitary organizations idea. Leader took that as a chance to ask two questions:
- First one was about a reason of him doing that damage earlier and continuing it against other allies of his country. His answer was only partially related to the question and was about a victim country blocking the bully`s expansion.
- Second one was about modification of his codex to avoid attacking an ally country. His answer? Force me.

There is one thinp people say it`s very uncommon about that Leader. He doesn`t has any secrets - any information, any message, any screen shown to that leader is also shown to any his nation citizen interested. People started to rage. Started to make chaos because that player is left untouched. Started demanding justice. Leader has been forced to declare a temporary NE and make an explanation about the act on the alliance meeting. People knew it was the only thing they could do at the moment. People knew it could be the only way to bring an attention to this problem. But people didn`t knew they will be `asked to leave` the alliance just because they wanted justice. BUT LET`S WRITE SOMETHING AND HANG IT ON A POLE
It`s easy to bury the hatchet though. One of the players living in a `bully` country already called a Suspect `clown` despite that player game privledges, influence and power. That opens a way to solve this dispute. And when it will be solved, it will be easier to repair the relations between countries. JAPANESE MENACE
Looks like far, far away from my lands, there is a huge problem striking:
Namely: Japan wants the United States to leave EAGLE, because of the `wiping` opinion of some EAGLE countries.

Japan. the same country, who took a direct part in making North Korea and Russia disappear. Also, now `enslaving` another two countries - India and Siam. And interesting in indirect doing magic to another countries.

Let`s go deeper into that. :)

First, an equation, which is needed to be reminded to all the people.
being in EAGLE != wanting to wipe countries out
There are countries, who are willingly doing this by force. There are countries, who expanded thanks to diplomacy though (like Poland in Germany) and who are against wiping another countries. Interesting fact - first `major` wiped out country was from EAGLE. So, classifying all countries as `wipe-oriented` irritiated countries which are coexistence-oriented. One of the examples is the United States - who is now on the brink of war :P

Second, It was me, who found and then published the logs, which are now in hands of multiple important people. Yes, that ones with wiping USA for propaganda, getting France to a possible new alliance just to get Poland into more trouble etc. :)
Why I did that? Because... I am a birdbrain! :D

And third, looks like Ukrainian-Japanese condominium under Jewish supervisory board really plans something way nastier for both currently existing alliances. Stay tuned~


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Japan had more respect on people but they lost all of them . We all want to make this game more fun and I support to be at least 4 or 5 Alliance should be found in this game but this is not right way to split people and blaming Eagle alliance as evil or bad.
Excellent article! Approved.
I am tired to explain every time that Japan Empire always have talk about last territory and that we always help small countries to liberate...You can tell whatever you want but our Great Emperor care too much about other nations,to have at least one region and normal game.But seems that everyone wanna use our fame for some votes Laugh
+Shiro, took my words. Stop to tell bullshit about Japan.
Well, if there is action, there is re-action. You first said some bullpoop about EAGLE, describing all countries using a word applicable only to some of them. Smile
`care too much`,`at least one region`,`help to liberate`? Russia, China, Finland, and the others? Everyone sees what you do and what you say. Go hide somewhere and dont measure other people with your own stupidity. Deceitful Poland, are you afraid to admit the true cause of all the conflict Ukraine-Loland!!?
@lutor That was known way before that Youcrying is planning to attack us. Your argument as your screens are invalid.
@lutor - you know... we need to do deeper, because this was just an effect - your CP knows about that, because that was explained on the alliance meeting - of long-time unsolved situation. Here is the screen and one of the evidences from times both cuntries were in EAGLE.
@Phor this player(insp... bla-bla and so on) has no relation to the whole Ukraine! It is for us simply clown. But you, as President are responsible for the entire country(Poland), after talks resolving our conflict(Poland-Ukraine), you apologized to the people of Ukraine? - No! But you taking the time to write this miserable article.
@Phor have the courage to acknowledge his guilt and apologize, not make himself innocent sheep in the sight of Alliance!!
@lutor I added an expanded explanation to that, including known by me facts. Looks like the Jester (clown) did his thing perfectly and shattered relations which just started to bloom between two countries. And seeing my people raging about responses, that was the only thing I could do those days.
@lutor Also, I am a birdbrain and I am doing everything to not be a president, as you can see. But I am failing miserably at this. ( Cheeky ) Still, I want to discuss to make a shared (both Ukrainian and Polish) statement about the situaton and oficially bury the hatchet. Until that - the situation will go more and more crazy.
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Oh ho! Interesting...
though I don't really grasp the actual situation between these e-countries, it was a nice read .. voted
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