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I want to make the raw material merchant can survive in the market

Raw Why can not sold out  Click

Food manufacturers not to buy Raw material

The price is not affordable

People only buy cheap food, do not buy raw←Raw material does not flow to people.
And Food prices will continue to grow

Food makers can sell to the international exchange of gold.

Food merchants will gradually feel the pressure.
Staff salaries still follow growth.
If they Increase production and keep the number of employees must be competitive salary.

When the high salaries to their export difficulties.
They will be converted into the domestic market to trafficking.

Let yen be more valuable.

I need to help Food manufacturers
Raw into gold is very difficult


Why change the law of reason

1.Implementation of price competition

They have to compete on price
We can see that have excess the raw material on the market.

We have Nice food raw price for people now.
Need let the raw material suppliers have a good life.
I hope they can continue to strive to produce Raw material. And keep price
Food prices will continue to grow ← They want earn more

★When salary Raw material.
★not enough employees to make raw and make food.
Food maker will buy raw.

2.At the current exchange rate for now

I hope can be maintained at 0.1+-

Remember that salaries will continue to rise

JPY is valuable

Let s calculate Click

Buy raw to export
0.1 JPY x 200 = 200 Q1 Food = 20 JPY = 400 energy

4 x 400 = 1600 energy


5 x 400 = 2000 energy

20 x 4 = 80 JPY 
20 x 5 = 100 JPY 

If use employee
80 + 4 x Salary = 1 G
100 + 4 x Salary = 1 G

own Q3 raw to export

(Salary x 200/250) = Q3 raw with Q1 food

(30 Salary x 200/250) = 24 JPY = 200 raw = 200 Q1 food

24 x 4 = 96 JPY 
24 x 5 = 120 JPY 

If use employee
96 + 4 x Salary = 1 G
120 + 4 x Salary = 1 G

own Q5 raw to export

(Salary x 200/500) = Q5 raw with Q1 food

(30 Salary x 200/500) = 12 = 200 raw = 200 Q1 food

12 x 4 = 48 JPY = 1 G
12 x 5 = 60 JPY = 1 G

If use employee
48 + 4 x Salary = 1 G
60 + 4 x Salary = 1 G


This is Q1. But Q2 Q3 own manufacture will be cheaper
Because the same salary

3.Excessive accumulation of food

★If Some people have too much food And can t sold out.

★Buy too much cheap food and can t sold out to export.

We need to give them some punishment.

Please Share cheap food
Too many foods are useless

When you buy cheap food in a day did not sold out.
And you keep buy food after DC.←People lose the opportunity to get cheap food

I stress again. salary and food prices will be higher.
Now JPY does not equal Future JPY.


When the salary is too high
Can t earn more
I want to show the value of the JPY

Change law, the reason to allow food manufacturers pushed up food prices
In the case of a good salary.
a Good Foods Market

a Good Food raw Market

Even if the Food price increases. Still cheaper than international prices

Let JPY be more valuable.

Stable raw materials market, so people have the confidence to buy food factory

More food sell to export.
More food sell cheap price on market.

Attract foreign investment and immigration.

Good Salary = 200 Q1 food + 50 raw or more



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