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Published in Germany - Financial analysis - 20 May 2017 02:01 - 36

Hello people,

Germany is calling you to come work in Germany and earn 4 golds daily!
We have the highest salary in market.

The exchange rate in Monetary Market is at 0,010 gold.
Post your offer!

We are waiting for you! 
You can also apply for citizenship and have some fun!



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Comments (36)

veri nais
Having fun and join crying nation? No, thanks.
You are so naive @Misakichan
Nope. It s the same, like it was before. Big dreams, big words, and disaster in the end. Thieves in your government will never change their way of playing the game. Welcome to Land of Corruption, Germoney!
Also, let me see what you forgot to mention? Players with 50 and more companies must move themselves every single day to the country with full bonuses to produce. After losing 100 energy or 0.6 gold, they must pay 3 cc instead of 1 cc tax per each company, so they are losing at least 100 local cc every day, and this is at least 0.5 gold. Obviously, there is no positive economic impact of your salary, except for multi accounts without any industry. Furthermore, your speech about fun consider also suicidal approach elaborated by your previous CP s, well known as the stubborn players who are trying to brake walls punching with the head? After several loses and crying campaign because of not having balance, you finally got your moment when enormous number of players left the game? Well, we will see about that.
all the game is not about bonuses if it was about bonuses everyday players wouldn t leave or go 2 clicks
I dont have any quarrel with Poland or any other nation but this is a war game you are not inside German community seeing people disappointed and inactive made me start a new war which both sides can enjoy and I dont care about haters I had some golds I could give it as loan to people and farm until death agreement after agreement or give them some fun and excitement which is the purpose of playing games of this kind
I have 6 q5 heli comps and q5 life kit and q5 missiles and everything else you may imagine I dont even need to work my factories with workers to produce my daily helis why I should play this game more if not for some great battles??
Nice o7
I am disappointed with your way of thinking. First, the author called workers to join your country and get some benefit + fun. And I explained that there is nothing of promised things in Germany. Now, comments of other players are changing the subject, so I can only conclude that you don t have answers on my questions. @Restive if is not about bonuses, why you move yourself when you produce in your factories? Be a real patriot and produce in your eHomeland, get some extra income to the treasury with your taxes.@Kaveh I would rather see some reports of your officials, about loans from treasury and returning of them. According to update of admins, it was a violation of rules taking loans and not giving back money to public treasury. But, because of admins politics of protection a circle of special players, you was never punished. Special position for special players is what is made other players disappointed, and many of them left the game. Now instead of hiding yourself you are lecturing others about your playing skills. Well, I don t think that you are nothing but the thieves, so I strongly recommend others to stay away of you.
since you are a attention seeker I see no need to explain myself to you anymore everything we do is wrong by your book people if we fight it is wrong if we make peace it is wrong going to other countries and taking loans from them against their people s wish like Georgia is right way of playing people like you who dont do anything and just start nagging at first opportunity are killing this game people like me trying to revive it about homeland it is none of you business really I have good relations with my homeland me and Restive we are always welcomed in out homeland unlike you Smile
I don t think your language skills are allowing you to have a proper conversation. Ask someone to translate my lines for you, Kaveh. When I was talking about Homeland, I wrote eHomeland not the real one. I don t care about you, or Restive, or any other eGerman and your relations with real Homeland. It s your problem, not my. Obviously, you can not stand critics, but you are always ready to lecture others. When your companions farms numerous multi accounts in Germany, you are pretending that you don t know about this. But you are more than loud when others do this. When you are taking loans repeatedly from Treasury, boost your and your multi accounts, and not returning loans, you are creating disbalance in the game between you and other players. Making virtual friendship with admins and moderators, helps you to maintain your position and continue to do with illegal actions unpunished. After all, I am asking myself, why Kaveh is getting involved involved in this arguing instead of Frank, the author of the article. Maybe it s a same person behind the both accounts, maybe it s the worst CP of Germany, having his moments again, like it was in the time of selfdestruction of eGermoney, similar to the darkest days of history of RL Germany, IDK.
shisui craving for attention again, poor guy, but at least I ham happy because you left sanatorium and now you are again with rest of population, one bambi for you
Nas się nie da kupić Wink
ahahahahah what a braindead. You must be mod to know what is going around Laugh
Btw, still waiting to see real arguments for players to join eGermany. So far, I believe Poland is the far better and more honest choice for every player in the game. 1938. is not going to happen again ;-)
You dont even know history and dates, so my words above confirm truth about You. Go back to school kid-o
This isnt a call to join Germany, this is a call to work in Germany and earn 4 gold per double work, that is highest salary in erev. If someone want to apply for CS, its fine.
First of all, we haven t really asked to join Germany. We asked people to come WORK in Germany. We have the highest salary in Market. That s the best reason. Of course there is an option to join us if they want... I have a simple question to ask you. Why to join a puppet(Poland) and not the puppeteers(Turkey) who have bonuses? As you can see, you are the only player who asked for cs in honest Poland after several months...
Content can either be seen abusive by the Moderators, or the player/players that is it meant for to be deleted and possible punishable. LOL I know how are you sensitive about the history of RL Germany, so I can t write exactly what I want, but you got the message without misunderstanding :-) I don t think that enemy of Poland has honest approach and position to give advices, it s insane if you ask me to listen your advices when you are in war with us. Giving job is the first stage, after that you are preparing recruiting procedures. If someone want to join to most hated country in eRevollutions worlds, it s his choice. I have different question. Why so many players left Germoney when you have such conditions, wise leadership and amazing fun?
BLITZKRIEG! We won cuz we take Your colonies, puppy! We are so stronk! Damn, You are really pathetic Laugh
at least Germany is not hiding behind her big brothers now we will see you puppetskrieg Smile
Being with losers is not fun
baustela , rodjaci.
farming to death is the real fun for sure Smile and what is next??
Oddajcie obrazy które ukradliście w czasie wojny, a nie wydajecie na golda.