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Hey everyone, happy huMp day! Hello to all eRevollution citizens, international and domestic alike! Today, the DoI is officially restarting many of its former programs. I am here today to announce some of these programs, including raffles and contests!

1. ePoll
a. Starting on Day 40, (real life Friday), the DoI will be starting back the ePoll. For anyone who does not know what the ePoll is, it is a series of political questions, with some fun random things in-between, to help American leaders get a feel for relations domestically and internationally.
b. Every Friday, links will be posted in this newspaper or on the shoutbox so that everyone may vote.
c. All results will be posted here every Saturday, with results being closed on the same day that the next poll opens. 
2. Weekly Contest
a. For now on, the DoI will have a competition every week. This will include everything from EXP gain comps to writing comps. Watch here to get the info on the weekly comps.
b. Comps start on Wednesday and end on the following Wednesday, with a new comp starting whenever the last ends.
3. Raffles and Lotteries
a. Every two weeks, the DoI will hold a raffle or lottery. Prizes consist of money, gold, weapons, food, and more! Be on the lookout for more info. 
b. Start on Wednesday, end two weeks later on Wednesday. 

This week s DoI contests and games:

Writing Contest:

    Anyone interested can write an article. This week article topic: Japan and USA relations or Eagle vs. Nexus.
    No level diversity, all levels compete with each other.
    Prizes for Top 5 picked by the cabinet.
    Prizes for Top 3 in votes.Prizes from cabinet will be monetary.Prizes based on votes will be weapons.Please submit ONE article to HunBurry via pm, or by submitting the form found on the eUSA forum. 


    Raffles are one every two weeks, with ticket sales for 12 days, an off day, and a drawing day.
    For every 25 tickets sold, the prizes go up.
    Prizes will include a combination money, gold, weapons, and food.
    Entry Fee of .2 gold or 10 cc, or 5 ticket for .8 gold or 45 CC.
    Randomly generated winner.Send all money to HunBurry AbrahamLincoln, TheMadCatter, or any other USA leader, with a message saying how much money you sent and how many tickets you are purchasing.For more info, message HunBurry.

That s all for this week folks. Until Friday, happing eReving friends!


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