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Hello fellow Americans,

So, the Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs decided to release an article with a few rather uninteresting information. However, I will answer each of his points and I will personally burn it to the ground. ;)

You may find the article here:

CP himself doesn't believe that the Eagle alliance is going to last for long

Every alliance lives with its problems everyday and everyday each alliance member and the HQ internally fixes them. When you see one of the core members of the alliance leaving it (refer to Ukraine leaving EAGLE recently), it is perfectly natural to have doubts and to question whether the alliance will carry on or not. However, that does not mean we will be bullied to leave it.

Japan never had intentions, nor the need, of conquering USA. But, we cannot tolerate their damage going to the Eagle alliance.

Oh really Japan? What do you have to say about this small lines of a very interesting log I received recently:

Do I need to say more? But hey... it's not over yet ;)

The USA president also wrongfully accuses our Great Empire of trying to isolate USA from
their allies, but the USA president himself has shown where his loyalty
stands, and his opinion of his allies

Haha really Japan? How about this?

Japan can question USA's loyalties all they want and can even question words but what Japan seems to forget is that it is actions what matter. Where is USA's damage?

Answer: EAGLE. And it's not just EAGLE, there's a few neighboring countries around us that are not EAGLE members and we have an extremely good relation with, namely for example Venezuela, Mexico and most recently Cuba is being friendly too.

Did USA preferred a peaceful solution to this conflict with Japan?

Yes we did.

Were we breaking with our commitments with our alliance as well as our friends just to appease Japan?

No. We work as a collective. We have our alliance and we have friends outside of it. If we would have considered options? Every country does, but USA stands with her allies and I believe my messages to the Japanese President were perfectly clear on that point. USA and Japan had a rather friendly relation until this point, it is sad for us to see it turn into this but I cannot have an ally who bullies my government and lies with all their little teeth.

If we would have considered something different with our friends?

Sure. Every country wants to have their friends around and work with them, but we do not break our own commitments. However, Japan in one hand accepted to a temporary peace deal with grabbing a knife on the other hand ready to backstabb America.

Japan's warmongering

Let's make no mistakes here. We all saw the Japanese propaganda regarding the Nazi regime. We all saw how Japan is saying we wrongly accuse them of being a warmonger state and how EAGLE is bad because a Non-Aggression Pact was not accepted when Serbia asked. So I leave this question to the government of Japan:

See that big green area on the map? How many countries are right under it and under the supreme dominance of Japan? Tell me Japan, did you ask any of those countries for a non-aggression pact and let them have at least a region?

Don't accuse EAGLE when you yourself have done exactly the same thing over and over again.

I rest my case folks.

One more screenshot for those who thought this was history log. xD It's pretty recent, look at that:

Credits to CanTouchThis for this quote who defines Japan very well:
Japan = Traitor, Country about Propoganda with false things, Also trying to manipulate peoples on Eagle. Special thanks to Kami for show real face :* You will take it if you want war.

Thank you and kind regards,

This message has the seal of approval of the President of the eUnited States


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Where is that logs!!!! Sad((
me cagaron la pole :C
first! let us destroy japan! o7
big votado Laugh
let the game beginning Laugh as Supreme Dictator of E.A.G.L.E. alliance i approve of that article o7
CTT, I'll screenshot the logs when I get home Smile
In first we planned to make big alliance to let all countries have wars but we changed mind after it became to serious thing,so this logs from history wont do job Abraham Laugh About Japan Empire if you wasn't lazy to go and ask around,you will hear that i personally by orders of my Great Emperor was sending msg to all countries that Japan Empire conquered asking if they want and which region they want to liberate for congress and normal playing.Shiro has spoken. o7
TechPirate, Those logs aren't from history :p They are actually pretty recent. I myself have the complete log. As for the part of asking around, I honestly had no idea Cheeky
ss or those logs never happened...
i have the original logs if anyone has doubts, and believe me abraham lincoln leaked just a small part of it, if it is needed we will show the true face of Japan and Kami> and with usa we stend hail eagle Laugh
Plato: I could screencap more of the log but those are the sections that matter for the effect.
btw, Japan = Ukraine. I heared that many players in Japan are ukrainians (dont know is it true, but japan behavior confirm that Cheeky )
Godwin point for Japan ! :o
Abraham you always use that stinky seal in any game you are on don't ya xD
Down with Jap!
noobs xD
Article EDITED with screenshots of the log Laugh
Can we just fight this shit out already and quit doing propaganda war? :p
I like this catfight because i can read something while i shit and smoke....
Ahahaha Plato xdxd
A pipoquinha já está quase pronta... Bora assistir essa delicia de treta, cara!
no doubt that japan want,s to conquer the world ( or everything they can) this is clear even in their words about their country. " great japan empire" common guys you just conquered Uninhabited landsLaugh main fight will start when you will attack the U.S. and let see what you can in long war. don,t forget u.s has 50 states and we will never surrender. so get eagle ready to defend our member country Smile and show it,s place to the evil empire Smile
Hail Japan!
TechPirate = Shiro Am I only one who saw this from TechPirate comment ?
@Dalmatae, both Shiro and Techpirate were permaban O.O