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We know, you guys very busy nowaydays. And as known, many player came from other similar game.  We are here because many player thinking same as New fresh page about this game. We saw many mistakes from other game and we don't want live same problems/mistakes. Especially about game mechanics and also management staff/admins. 

So, many people like me wondering about game future. We have many question on our minds about Erev. Please let us know about future and plan. It will be really good if you can open article about your plan for future of Erev.  Or you can let us know with other ways.

For example; i have a few questions on my mind.

1- I am sorry for say it but Erev looking same as copy of other game with many mechanic. I have not problem with it, because it seems familar. But also we need new mechanics... What is your plan about new mechanics for future?

2- I did not see anything about terms or conditions before register game. And also i did not see anything about who made this game/site. Is it personal page or if it is not, which company supporting this game? 

3- What is your plan if other similar game make you problem about the right to deferment? 

4- What is your plan about Division system? On future, do you have any plan about it?

5- A lot of things still missing or incorrect. Example; We have friendlist but it is just for 100 player, We can work our own companies and many thing... I know, this is just new game and maybe u just trying to be helpful. So, when you planning to fix it?

6- Do countries have ability to print CC so they can control their MM? (MIKS3D)

7- Are there gonna be dictatorship? (Fatih)

8- Will the game be more p2w? (Shayco and blackpanther)

9- Why does USA have all bonus on their cores?  (Shayco )

Shortly, i really want to stay here if i can feel Erev will be good. We no need to be hurry and we know this is new game. But we will be glad when you can answer this questions. We just need information.

For Players; I can edit article for add new questions if you have any question. Just type on comment. And please do not forget Vote and Subs :)

P.S: Sorry about my poor english :( 

Edit: First answers came from game moderator. You can check comments for that.

Thank you.



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SHOUT: [Article] Dear Admin We need detail about future of Erev : http://www.erevollution.com/en/article/270 Please shout and vote. Also feel free for comment.
I would like to know this: Do countries have ability to print CC so they can control their MM?
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In fact, there are losts of things to fix it. But as we know this is really a baby girl game. I hope the producer will read and keeps the eyes on us and listen us Wink
@Helen +1
How can we sell or upgrade our companies?
Are there gonna be dictatorship?
Let' them some time, they start few days ago, and i see already progress, first day game was slow and i don't find this problem now, erep is there more than 8 years and is too difficult for them make a copy paste from some old tournament, because works anyway than why do somenthing? Plato if you see Wink They know that resources wars was a big FAIL and now you don't have any reason for start a War, we do this only for erep not die
@Black Panter II, Ofcourse i know it. And also i am patient, there is no need to be hurry. We just need to read something about future plan. It will be good if they can answer a few question. Then, many player will be sure about stay here. Because, we saw many similar game, similar tries. I just want to be sure, this game will not be fail like others.
Let's vote it to the top first. Smile
Hello, on the behalf of the Administration I would like to partially answer your question. As many of you know the game is less than a week old, there has been some major changes and some of the bugs were reported by you, our community and we are working to fix them. We do not yet know what we will add or not because we are working hard to ensure the stability of the current mod, and our chat is constantly flying with suggestions, questions, and complaints from our community. We want you to know that we are monitoring your questions, that we are caring about opinion of our players and that it will be always our priority to make your stay here comfortable. This day has been hectic and it was very busy since early in the morning, there have been a lot of punishments issued on the players who are trying to 'be the top player' on the expense of everyone else, and that is by cheating. I appeal on the community not to make multi accounts because it is easily traced down and banned. and it will grant us a lot more time to improve the game itself, It makes us really happy to see that players are interested to hear about the games future, as well as about their own on the game, but please understand that Administrators as well as us Moderators don't have time to look everywhere and to each chat question and shout, it would take a lot of time, and a lot of people. to make sure your question is heard and answered properly by Administrators write it on the following email adress: erevollutiongame@gmail.com we will give our best to answer them in proper time manner. Best regards.
@Black Knight, thank you for reply. Of course, as i said we noticed already this is new game and also we know need time for the best. We bored from other game and reasons known from everybody. Everything must go step by step. But we players, just want to know what will be your next steps. "We want you to know that we are monitoring your questions, that we are caring about opinion of our players and that it will be always our priority to make your stay here comfortable." I am satisfied with this answer really. Just share your next steps with us when u are ready to do that. It is enough for us. Because we players just waiting "care" Smile Thank you for your answer.
Like I said if you write that questions on email im sure some of the admin would answer that, but not everything because its too early even for admins to say, and we in the staff haven't spoken about it. let me give you a little tiny hint.. I spoke to one of our mods oh and this is exclusive we heard that divisions may come later but based on strenght.. but that's not announced nor admin confirmed it.. just what we heard. hehe. So when admin replies you can add answers under the questions in this article. Best of Regards
ah one more thing, Can you please tell your coder to close the stripslashes ^^ Thanks
@Black Knight, Divisions based on level is it not work well. We saw that already at other game. Based on STR will be better really
Hmmm my reply half. Bug? Cheeky Okey np, i just kidding. I can type it again. Smile @Black Knight, Divisions based on level is not work well. We saw that already at other game. Based on STR will be better really but i think it will be very good if you guys can find a way for divs based on Lvl and STR together. It is still early for talk about that. Everything must go on step by step. Smile We are patient. I just believe this; Players will support if they really feel care from game management. That time both side will be happy. Smile
la hepinizi veteleyip subluyorum bana gelince bir yapmayn varya öperim sizleri
Voted !!
voted + sus
Would it be helpful to compile a big list of player suggestions and bug fixes in an article or something, rather than having everyone saying the same thing over and over in the shout feed?
Ban all cheaters, then we can see the game with respect .
Please no divisions D:
And will the game be more p2w? (because it looks like it is)
They should add reply on shouts and comments.
My question is...Are you gonna make the same mistake like erep and this game will be "pay to play"? From what I saw already it's impossible to grow up if you don't have a tone of friends invited in game or if you don't buy gold or if you don't cheat making clones... The salaries are too small to be able to buy food....and so and on. I came here with the hope that this game will be different and will offer more...but it does not. I will not make the same mistake like in the other game (from all we came) to invest money to play. You want to be greedy? It's your choice... but you will lose players... I am out of here till things will change...if will change Wink
What the guy above said, says it all for me. From day 1 needing gold to evolve?!!! That's ridiculous!!
And why does USA have all bonus on their cores?
@Covow, i know my friend. He answer fastly and he is helpful. I opened this article because many player want to ask questions. And a lot of people can read this article.
Okay guys, I will once again reply to you. As the game develops you will see changes, right now we can't be forced to create something new and leave the old mod unstable, the only reason why we are able to quickly solve any major problem, is because people report it. if it wasn't for people, most of the things would go unnoticed. And about economy, how can you be so mean? Of course that people will sell for example food raw material for 1CC because they need money, and because they can. Because there isn't 100 people selling them but rather few.. as more people join the game and create factories, the more sellers, everyone will start dropping the price so that people will buy from them.. it's simple, for example if I was the only person in the entire world who could sell you Iphone 6, I would be the richest man alive because everyone would have to buy from me. simple as that. As more people are coming the cheaper will be the start of the game. When I joined the game for 1 gold you could get 5CC today, it's really better. the more sellers the better the economy. Who is greedy, us? or you? you want us to give everyone gold, every start is hard. but we were giving gold for parties so everyone has a congress and CP, you forgot about that?
Da li ce se ikad sresti tvoja noc i moja zora? Thats question that bothers me...
с 10'6 http://www.erevollution.com/en/newspaper/358
o7 sub my
Add the Ukrainian language Wink
when are you planing to add world map?