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Greetings fellow citizens of Japan,

In the first part of our newspapers we will quickly summarize our current diplomatic relations with other countries.

In the past few days we have signed Mutual Protection Pacts (MPPs) with the following countries:

    ArgentinaMexicoThailandUkraineRepublic of China (Taiwan)Indonesia
We have also declined an MPP with Serbia.

We will continue to inform you of our work in the future.

And now, we are going to address the current situation with the United States of America.

Today, the country president (CP) of USA has posted an article regarding Japan (Link).

Here is the screenshot of the part where the USA CP addresses to our Great Empire:

As you can see from this article, it is logically concluded that USA is openly accusing Japan of warmongering. Japan never had intentions, nor the need, of conquering USA. But, we cannot tolerate their damage going to the EAGLE alliance.

If USA wanted peace with us, they would have left the alliance EAGLE.
Not to mention, that the
CP himself doesn't believe that the EAGLE alliance is going to last for long:

The USA president also wrongfully accuses our Great Empire of trying to isolate USA from their allies, but the USA president himself has shown where his loyalty stands, and his opinion of his allies:

I would like to call up all citizens to pick arms and prepare yourselves because war is coming and it is most likely that Japan will attack. On another front, I ask you fellow americans: Facing this evidence and considering that the alliance will likely support us, would you consider a direct Declaration of War from the United States of America against Japan as soon as the MPP has expired?

We can conclude the following from the USA CP's statement:

USA CP is openly calling USA citizens to pick up arms because 'Japan will attack', but, later on, he makes a contradiction by asking for 'direct declaration of War from the United States of America against Japan.'

So we ask this, who is the aggressor here?

Here's what USA's allies think of their recent actions:

We do not like publicly displaying private logs, but for the purpose of defending the name and honor of our Great Empire we strongly insisted that our Emperor provides us with the logs.

With respect,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan team:

 -MoFA Shiro           -vMoFA nakituminayashi



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V+ Thank you for hard work O7
V+s o7
too much reading, j am ready just prepare weapon and we will show them japan power o7
Shiro dont bully USA cabinet...i am nice guy Laugh
Eagle failed? Excellent article!
A pleasure to have Japan as a new ally o7
If you want to use the logs of our conversation use them, But at least have the decency to remove the private information of it, Thank you.
so keep calm and prepare the guns
always same shit kami trying to divide some countries to make an alleance and he will feel powerful xdxdxdxd. come on kami i like you more when you cry Sad
Japan will be world power ! Hail Japan
here is nothing to explane..... do "this" or we will atack you , highest lvl of diplomatic knowladge, what is more ridiculous you blame USA for being aggressor .... come on guys, what are you thinking about? and after this you are surprised that usa president calls to pick up arms? i have 1 quastion what would have happened if someone tald "do this or i will attack you to samuraies? i dont think that he would say come on you are wellcome...
I still dont know why the hell you call your country as a GREAT EMPIRE calling your presidente GREAT EMPEROR my goodness what kind of movies are you guys watching in Japan? Country is Country President is President. Wow definitely impressed. Anyway nice work o7 for your hardworking job. Keep going like that
@el Macedonico xD
HOW ._.?
Pufff... We know and we have many log how Kami trying to manipulate peoples and trying propoganda to countries. So, talk to my back. Smile Turkey was have good relationship also MPP with Japan too but they are against to EAGLE because of they are thinking best of country on eWorld. As i said please talk to my back... You not need to false or fake reasons. We know why Japan doing that already. You guys must to learn enjoy with your game without propoganda and cheat peoples.
@Can Touch This "Enjoy the game" if enjoy the game means to be like nazis, no thanks. If you only knew how much people tell that they not love what you're doing to Serbia and not only regular players. All people that think like that do not tell anything about you because they afraid from Eagle but in heart they know that you're bad and evil.
Small emperor of Japan can't attack Norway!!! Buhahahahaha Laugh
@Kami, check this article please and tell me who is Nazi Cheeky Also how you dare call me Nazi? Do you know what i lived on real life? So please just enjoy with your game and don't be kid anymore.
@Kami Also Turkey never start to aggressive. Bulgaria attack us first so we reply, Romania attack we reply, also we protect to our allies. So do you call it Nazi? Lol Cheeky Check map first, do you have any agreement with which country u wipe out or occupy? Don't worry, we know what you trying with Jimmy. Manipulate, propoganda and cheating peoples with false topics. Do not forget, i am not Ukraine.
jesus christ you, MoFA of JE are as subtle as a chainsaw, and on the other side we have mr. Big proud eagle(read ego) -.- this is how wars start... pop corn mode: on
@Can Touch This. Yes we have and even not with countries around us. 2 regions for Thailand by their wish, India we gonna leave for them 1-2 regions, NK we waiting for answer because we gave them the capital but SK conquered it so now SK waiting for answer from NK to give them it back, we free Peru, We help to free uruguay, we help to not let Mexico be wiped, we didnt wiped Indonesia and instead we talked with them and Thailand and made MPP, we didnt wiped Malaysia and stay neutral with them, we didnt touch Pakistan because they not have much regions, we trying to talk with Ukraine to free Stalingrad for Russia. All small countries go to ask Japan for help because they know that we help them and not wipe like you, Eagle.
Kami Neko, you've chosen wrong nick. Simón Bolívar suits you better lol But you know Simón Bolívar was famous about ACTIONS and not words. He liberated not enslave. Anyway, black will be black, as hard as you may try to present it as white.
@Kami Nelo Btw did you just say you freed Mexico last time I checked WE are the ones who kicked Cuba out of Mexican territory.
Kami you are my hero!!! Help me free Norway!!!
All I smell is delusional sushi chefs!
@ktab. Well I'm even dont know who is "Simón Bolívar". @spitfireYG. We helped them with MPP by sending soldiers to help mexico directly -
@Ktab Im venezuelan, and i started the movement to liberate Mexico, does that mean i'm Simon Bolivar? lol
Kami Neko google is your friend, online games can be very educational Alejandro Madrid dunno... do you feel like? It's a big thing to be Bolivar Smile
I bet japan empire will be wiped from eWorld, it's just matter of time. Hail EAGLE !!!
@ktab Well Vene has the territories of Great Colombia, and we liberated a country, so why not Laugh
V+S From Uruguay o7
Dully noted.
Well, I like your position (defending countries against wiping), but also don't like it (siding with a country which is preparing to wipe at least 4 countries).
Usa always atack to Samurai's
This is going to be fun Smile
Your view of agressor/defender defininitions are most confusing. Reminds me of some of our neighbours. You know them very well.
V Japan wins because of LIES and CHEATERS