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Published in France - Warfare analysis - 17 Feb 2016 05:12 - 36

Hi again eRevollution World,

A couple of days ago, i just show you France's help for allies.

Today i will show you what France can do in a non important battle !

So enemy, think twice before coming threaten France !

Kiss eRevollution World,

Carapicho, French CP.


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thats why i love you guys Laugh
hail france !
Hail Latvia o7
Hail France!
Hail !
Hail France :p
Hail France ! o7
Hail France! o7
WOW so brave...
HAIL France ! o7
TIL, important battle is when enemy hits 1.8mil damage Laugh
Ah sorry, i misread, you write non important afterall. Sry, my bad. But still, no support. Eagle is picking weak countries for fight and then brag about great power... weak. here you can see that i let you win last battle Cheeky I just close my eyes Laugh V+S
Hahaha Cheeky
Lol Black Panther, thanks for closing your eyes Wink Beautiful real screen, need some Bazooka could you give me a little ? 1% would be awesome Laugh
Nice dmg Smile o7
can u STOP telling around in ur article how France is superior, how France is powerful and how France is the best fkn country in the world and get over ur ego. Mby play for yourself in future. Kind Regards, from Rest of the world who doesn't give a shit about you and what can you do in battles
Don't threat France,or we will spend more money.
hail france!
o7 France
Hmmm seems MyghtyRed is so jealous Laugh
"i just show you France's help for allies." - Hitting against them?
You have more teritories then active players, say thanks to admin, its nearly impossible to conquer whole france even if u want it.
Leite de Macaca, this mistake was solved Wink and for your information, this french citizen where fighting for an other allie Wink. MightyRed wanna join France ? Laugh
@Carapicho, So you had fought with one ally for another ally this sounds very confuse, so why France don't remained neutral? - By the way: Yesterday Combat: If France were in a non important battle, we(your allies) were defending our territory - I just desire the best for France, for sure, but your stance in the war I think that's very much contradictory
Go home France u are drunk!
Hey, we are 6th Laugh