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Hello fellow citizens,

It has been a hectic term this far and we've had some victories and some accomplishments as well. We have a University opening up as well as Department of Interior programs coming up as well. The government has been working hard for the people and soon more changes will be released, however, not all was done without programs and setbacks.

United States vs Cuba war

Some of you may wonder why we attacked Cuba other than the motive of fun, but the truth is that it wasn't the only motive. We attacked Cuba in coordination with Venezuela and Mexico as part of a liberation war. This war had the full intention of giving back all Mexican core regions back to its owner: Mexico.

The war was a success! We managed to liberate all Mexican regions from Cuban controll and give them back to Mexico. Our original plan was to keep Southeast Mexico as a strategic point for an attack on Columbia, however a miscoordination between nations prevented us from entering the fun in Columbia.

Peace with Cuba

After some time negotiating with the Cuban government as the aftermath of the war, the USA and Cuba signed a peace agreement in the following terms:

1. Cuba shall keep one region to work as Capital, being this region Las Villas.
1.1 Cuba shall temporarily hold Western Cuba to increase the number of congressman and shall return it to the USA at the earliest convenience.

2. USA and Cuba, when not engaged into real military conflicts, shall have an open war with each other for training purposes. In the event USA has a real war, both countries may consider signing an MPP for mutual military aid.
2.1 Cuba shall not attack the USA if she is involved in real military conflict.

3. Cuba shall not attack USA, Venezuela or Mexico under any circumstances.
3.1 Violation to this rule could lead to possible military conflict and possible sanctions.

4. Cuba shall pay for the return of their own regions.
4.1 USA and Cuba shall split the costs of the eventual training wars or MPP.

This were the terms our country signed with Cuba and a compromise both governments agreed for the future. Similar peace deals were also signed between Cuba, USA, Venezuela and Mexico.

The Japanese Menace

Very often a President finds himself clashing against other nations. Either for economic or military interests but in this case, Japan was never a military target to the USA, in fact we even still have an MPP. However, a few days ago, our government has received a rather disturbing message from the Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs. Please view the screenshot below:

It is important to make a note here: USA typically does not sell regions. I was however open to rent a region with the consent of the US Congress, but not after a blatant threat of war from a member of the Japanese government!

After this blunt threat, I decided to inquire the Japanese President about it, you may find all screenshots in those links:

After this short trade of private messages, me and the President of Japan spoke on IRC and we agreed to not attack each other until the MPP expires. However, Japan's atitude during this time so far showed that Japan is not interested in peace or friendship with our nation but yes in isolating us from our allies so that Japan can have an easier job at attacking us.

They first tried to turn Ireland against our nation. They tried to convince France as well as other nations that are either alligned with EAGLE or direct allies of the United States.

Considering all this, I would like to call up all citizens to pick arms and prepare yourselves because war is coming and it is most likely that Japan will attack. On another front, I ask you fellow americans: Facing this evidence and considering that the alliance will likely support us, would you consider a direct Declaration of War from the United States of America against Japan as soon as the MPP has expired?

Put your thoughts in the comments fellow citizens!
Thank you and kind regards,

This message has the seal of approval of the President of the eUnited States



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State your opinion fellow citizens: Shall we go to war?
Pole no reclamada!
Fun is going
They were undeplomatic towards us and rude in some terms but of they try to alaska by force the we will declare war and I would like to thank abe this information. However this should noted it is not us that want war it them so let's give it to them if they wanted it badly
Nice article and update for us common folk! We are with you Abraham Lincoln! Their anime will be our! Wink
Japan became arrogant and abused the trust that some countries have them, it is only fair to go to confrontation.
What? Ireland against USA? ha don't tell jokes Abraham. I wanted to end all without a war but you not was interested from what i see. About Ireland well they wanted with us an MPP but they change their mind's for unknown reasons.
@Kami your government and you are the people you say eagle are, you are bullies that throw your VISA weight around to win battles. and we the US will not be bullied by your Credit Card, or bought buy it.
@MrSharp1219 Who bullied you or you dont know english? : I now start to understand why people hate USA in RL -_-
Kami you are not helping your governments case, to come here and troll instead of trying to explain your government actions is a mistake.
I'm so sorry kami but half of my tax in RL go to help people around the world that I don't even know.
If people hate us for trying to help them then they got some serious problem @kami
kami has forgotten tha tin war the word japan is very common with the word fail/descries/ disappointment Smile
Please kami take your broken English and leave, Maybe go spend a couple thousand dollars more on the game? Smile
Bosnia will stand along with USA, and support you in this war. o/ And Kami, you talk here, like you guys dont want war, but all I can see here in this article, are threats from Japan towards USA, and not USA to Japan Laugh
v+s o7
I'd need to have the assurances of the alliances. "Likely" is not "yes," and Japan/VISA seems slippery. Ultimately, I prefer a diplomatic solution, but it sounds like Japan doesn't care for a graceful answer.
well i assure you that greece will honour japans call and will fight in this world war 3 again with us Laugh java if you just knew how many people wait for this kind of war Laugh
lol 3rd Reich? I wonder what gave the Japanese right to decide that. But... Does mean I have to unsub to Japanese newspaper I subbed to? Sad
no one can stand still against EAGLE. Let them try o7
hopefully it is just a game _/_
Why not, Let's have a great war
pff Japanese scum. vote o7
@Kami neko, the screenshots speak for themselves. As for Ireland, do you want me to call here the Irish CP so he can report exactly in what terms you wanted the MPP? I find it funny you didn't deny you tried to turn France too. Wink
We'll be ready! In population terms, I believe they outnumber us. But we have a great advantage over them in terms of skill, strength, and allies. "The nail that stands up will be hammered down!"
Let us stamp out Japan?
burn Japan Babylon down!
Pipoca no microondas e bora assistir o Japão levar uma surra de gato morto...
Poland is with you USA Smile
1 thing is very interesting here- Ukraine and its peoples are one of the biggest supporters to Nazi regime in WW2, and even now, Ukraine in RL is one of the biggest neo-nazi supporters, together with Croatians (I am speaking about RL). So, if any paralels taken- how come Ukraine and Japan in so good relations... Ukraine in game respect no deals (cause their cs needs to fight for TP LOL), and they have no honor what so ever. I respect more USA (our current opponents) that are loyal to their allies, then Ukraine with no honor what so ever. And if Japan and Ukraine is in 1 package, I would rather see Serbia fighting alone honorable, more then to see my country side by side with Ukraine (thus - with Japan)...
PERICSS is been here!!!!!!.....Wink.......
winter is coming
I vote that we war and work with the rest of the world to return the new Japanese empire to the rightful owners. This is too reminiscent of WWII.
o7 marcus Crassus Smile i support every country against Nazi Regime Ukraine! Laugh
【MoFA Japan】 Current diplomatic relations of Japan and the issue with USA
Japan won't last long.
Although since we are all immortal, war is to our benefit, engaging in a hostile war (as opposed to a training one) would likely lead to unnecessary tensions. I suggest hearing out exactly what japan has to say on EAGLE, and only then deciding how to proceed.
winter is coming x2
EAGLE is with you!
enola gay is coming
time for war
mihajlo iznenadio si me
@ktab, You received a medal HUE HUE - for your limitless zueira
@ktab, You received a medal HUE HUE - for your limitless zueira
@ktab, You received a medal HUE HUE - for your limitless zueira
Let's crush them!