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The British Workers Party
Established January 2016


Today will go down as one which will change the course of eRev Britain. A day which will show that progress is being made. The British Workers Party hold nearly a quarter of seats in congress, yet I am still disappointed that we could not make that figure one third of congress. I am certain that at the next congressional elections, we will be able to achieve this and excel.

I am extremely happy that we now finally have an official voice, a platform to vote, and we can truly make a dent in British eRev Politics.


As I type this letter to you, a change in the upper echelons of our government is already under way, and I fully support this. For too long our government have been lax in all manner of issues, but for now, it seems that there is a new regime on the horizon. I may not see eye to eye with our new forthcoming president, but I believe that they have the experience needed to steer our country to prosperity and security. For this reason, I will not stand against them in the next presidential elections because for the best needs of the country, a consistent regime needs to be installed at this time.

The Future

I am proud at what The British Workers Party have achieved so far, and I really believe we can help make a difference in eRev Britain. My next aim is to establish our place in congress, make our voices heard and then increase our size and stature within congress. After that, and only after that, can we start making in-roads into Number 10. I have no fears about being a minority government, yet I don t want to think that far ahead. For at this time, the country needs stability, and I hope I am able to help provide that.

Kind Regards.

Aian Kirk - Leader of The British Workers Party.


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