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First of all the strength matter.
As I already suggested at the article of Biskvit, an alternative to his idea about strength matter handling, and how to reduce difference between younger and older player, the ideal way will be a reducing multiplier as strength milestones get by to make strength gaining harder. My friend w1zL said that we already seen this in other games. It s true. And to be honest we used to see it, not any more. And it was a good thing erased. Enough with words, we may see below a chart of strength evolution in time.

Next assumes lvl 4 training ground and multiplier reduces 12% per milestone

Lvl 4 training ground and multiplier reduces 10% per milestone

It s obvious that old players will have advantage against new players and this is how it should be. But a 2 years old player will not have that much of difference with a 3 years old player. Let s get first diagram, and assume that player A, an one year old player is compared to player B a new player.
By the time B enters game they have more or less 4200 strength difference. In one year their difference will be some 2000 strength. In 2 years it will be less than 1000 and so one. Eventually their difference in time, will be insignificant.

Another proposal is to add 200 rank points to daily tasks. While experienced players will not be affected almost at all by this, new players will be helped to advance rank faster.

Limit the consumption of energy drinks. Make everybody worth. If heavy tanks do not have almost unlimited (20 ED per day is somehow unlimited) energy to restore in a battle then the participation of each and every soldier will count to the outcome of the battle. While this does not work, opponent countries will provide with weaps and gold or else, heavy tanks to win their battles. Against guess who... the weaker players that will remain weak for life.
This got to change. Limit the daily usage of Energy Drinks up to the max energy recover x1 time rounded. Also this will make houses count too.
E.g. A no-house citizen may recover 500 energy (5 ED) per day. A Q3 house citizen 650 (rounded up. 7 ED) per day.
If you fear that this might drop the income from special items, you will be surprised when you see the opposite thing. People WILL buy ED because they will count in the battle and they can afford it. An ED package of 20, will last 4 days. It will not be an everyday expense.

Limit the usage of RPGs per battle. 10 per battle would be more than enough.

If you consider the above, then I guess this game will be far from been considered as a pay to play game only. Customers will have some advantages, but non-buyers will be able to survive in the game too. Even prosper if clever enough ;)

That s it for now, till next time o7



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There need to be some changes about str, EB and RPG... its hard for me to understand ( read bad English) but we really need some changes for new players.
sorry mate, my Serbian are worse than your English Cheeky (I don't speak at all)
the best idea! it will bring new players it will bring justice and profit, as you said everyone will matter, and averyone will want to invest
voted. I suggested something similar about limiting EBs and RPGs in admin's article too.
nothing to add, this is definetly the best sistem. New players will be able to get enough str to be useful in battelfield, but they will never be able to catch older player (and thats fair). Also put limit to lets say 50 RPGs and i dont know maybe 10 Energy Drinks per day and then we are all happy. The Visa players will be still stronger (and that fine by me) but they will not be able to defet hole countery and the number of active players in countrys will be more important then some Visa. Sorry for my bad eng Laugh
Hello i did already see this strenght raise decressipn system at vpop and it doesnt worktanks stay tanks and old players are still have adventage. If you ask me i dpnt realy think that minimum daily two click should be adventagus if someone has an older account.. I think performance and ctivity dhould get honored...
I agree, especially for the limit of RPGs. o7
Great idea indeed.. You have my support o/
I like it a lot Smile
I don't like it. Activity needs to be key for everything. If you are more active you will become stronger and eventually (in long period of time) you can become stronger that all players who just log in, work, train, and get out of the game. That kind of all players aren't people who bring money to do developer of this game, active players are!
I like the work you made for game, good and precise article, vote + sub
I like your ideas. Strength is not the only element in damage formula! Rank will make the difference between active and double click players.
o7 Vote!