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This is a new tutorial guide for all new players that are joining this game. I want to help all those who don't know what to do in this game, and want to get started. This here is the home page. Let's start with an overview.

Here you can chat with other players ( All chat is a chat that everyone from the game can read, My party is a chat that only People that are in the same political party as you can read, and My Military Unit chat is a chat for members of the Military Unit you've joined).

This are the daily ignments, reminding you to work and train each day to receive the awards.

This is your daily order from the commander of the Military Unit you belong to, or his Captain. It is an order that tells you where you need to spend your damage, fighting for your country, or its allies.


This Wars part shows some active battles and resistance wars. There are usually a lot of battles, and you can browse all of them by clicking on the Wars bellow, right next to Latest Events


Under the Wars section, you can find all sorts of newspapers that players from the game write, or even Admin news. Even you can write some articles about your experience with the game, analysis, tutorials, economy, warfare, etc. By clicking on more news you can find newspapers from each country, and by category.

On the top, you can see some options like changing the game design layout, reading your personal messages, or viewing your alerts. You can also see how many days has ped since the game started, and server time.


Here you can see your name, your Avatar picture, your amount of Gold, and local currency (depending on what country you are in), your energyyour level and experience points. Clicking on your avatar will open your profile overview where you can see your achievements, medals,strength, rank, True Patriot damage progress, currencies, and a list of your friends. 


The menu bellow shows additional options in the game. Some of these menu options have sub-menu's. Clicking on the My Buildings you can access your companies(Here you can manage your companies, hire employees, build new companies, upgrade them or downgrade them, work as a manager), workout area(Here you can train to increase your strength, and with strength increase, your damage in battles increases too. Also every 250 points of strength you train, earns you 1 Super Soldier medal and 5 Gold Reward. You can upgrade your Workout center up to 3 times, and with each upgrade you get more strength each day you train), storage (Here you can view all your items such as food, weapons, houses, energy drinks and raw materials. You can also place them on the market to earn some money)  and your improved buildings(Field hospital 50, and Field Hospital 100) that can increase your maximum energy that you can accumulate over the day.. 

If you click on the Battles, you will open the Military campaigns page, where  you can view active battles and resistance wars. 


Clicking on the Business center opens a menu where you can access Trading center (here you can buy products from the market, such as food, weapons, houses, raw materials etc. and compare prices), Job Market (here you look and accept a job from that country job market), Monetary trading (Here you can exchange your gold for  local currency and your local currency for gold. You can buy some offers from the market, or place your own offers for other people to buy) and Company market(Here you can buy/sell companies that have no restrictions on selling). 


If you click on Community a menu will open, where you can select Country overview(Here you can see more info about your country, or other countries if you select it in the options), Military Unit (Here  you join a military unit, or if you are already a part of one, you can see more info about that Military Unit, its members, commander and captain), Party Page(Here you can join a political party in your country, and if you are already a part of one, you can see its members, apply for next party president elections, congress elections or country president elections),Journalism(Here you can start your newspapers, modify them, write articles such as is this one and edit articles), Elections (Here you can see statistics on elections that have been active in the past), Rankings (Here you can see players, parties, newspapers, countries and military units statistics in your country or International ) and World Map.

Clicking on the Store button will open a page where you can buy Gold for Real money, find your referral link and buy some special items. 


Bellow the Store button you can find missions.  Missions are easy way to advance in the game, as they offer good rewards. 


For the mission 1, all we need to do is train once. So lets go and do that.


Open up the Workout area in My Buildings ---> Workout area menu. It will open a new page that looks like this.


If you click on the   button you can upgrade your workout area and thus gain more strength each day you train. But for now, we will click on the Workout button, and train for today. Now our mission is complete, and the icon will change. 

Click on the  ?  icon to claim your reward and click on Completed button.  


Now, let us work in our companies. Click on the My buildings ---> Companies. It will open a page like this. 


If you are a new player, you should only have 1 Quality 1 Food Factory and 1 Q3 Grain Farm. Let's hire ourselves to work in our company. Click on the button left from Employees. 


Here we can set new job offers and click Save. Remember to check your country's Job market before posting, so you can compare your job offer with other job offers (Business Center ---> Job Market).


Now we will open that same Job market and find our offer, and take it by clicking apply


Now, that we are back in our companies page, we can click on the button Work.

When we do that, number of our available employees will increase by 1. 


Now, I have selected all my companies, and igned 4 workers to my Q5 Grain Farm.


You can tell as the workers are igned by the color of the worker avatars in the Employees column. 

If the little avatars are Grey, they are not igned http://i.imgur.com/y40LbA5.png

And if the little avatars are Black, they are igned. http://i.imgur.com/gxzTXzE.png
You can only ign the workers that have worked today in your company. Once you do that, click on Start production. You will get the info on how much and what products you have created in a pop up message.


Now return to the Home page to collect your daily reward. Just click on the Get Reward button to claim it.

http://i.imgur.com/rFbwryl.pngNext, lets us finish today's Military Unit Daily Order.Click on the battlefield to enter this battle.

A page for that battle will open, and it looks like this. If you have a lot of energy, each time you click Fight, you will hit 5 times, but if you are low on your energy (under 50), each time you click on fight, you will hit only once.


Currently we are unarmed. If we click on the pistol icon next to the Fight button, we can choose which weapon we want to use.  Select one of them by left clicking on it.


If you want your fights to go faster, click on the little red fast forward button on the bottom left. http://i.imgur.com/iCs16E1.png

If it turns green, its on. Start clicking fight to hit in this battle. Each time you hit, a pop up message will appear like this. Hit as much as you can. Each time you hit, your energy decreases.

After a while you should have 0 Energy left to hit in this battle.  You can recover it by clicking Recover energy button (this action takes the food from your Storage and uses it to recover energy). Now you can fight some more!

Now, return to the home page, and claim your reward for completing Military Unit orders for that day. Claim it by clicking on Get Reward. You will receive one Energy drink and one RPG. 


If you go back to battle you will notice you can use this Energy drink to recover 100 energy. You will get these energy drinks each day when you complete Daily Order, or you can buy more in the Store. 


This tutorial covers all the basics, and I will keep making more complex tutorials. Please vote, subscribe and share this article so that it gets to the top. 

Thank you


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