Zrada u Kraini

Published in Ukraine - Social interactions and entertainment - 16 Feb 2016 08:53 - 19

This article represents frustration of the player community against today s update to the game which destroyed newspaper sub ions, hurting Media Mogul medal as a source of Gold income.

It is clear that Admins want pay2win to become the only option.
This is not going to happen! We don t want our game destroyed.

We want our subs back!

What we are going to do:
1. Don t buy gold.
2. Write tickets to Admins requesting to revert the change.
3. Share the protest to your friends, your MU, your party.

For shouts:
PROTEST SUB DELETION! http://www.erevollution.com/en/article/2627 VOTE, SUB, SHOUT



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meeh Cheeky
vote o7
I think the update was fine, just should have reimburse people who were close to the medal.
our game ? Smile its admin game and will be vote !
naaah.. maybe people will stop spam with s4s now..
specially since now s4s can give you a ton of alert spam xD
so what I should be notified from everyone who got my sub? admin make good thing with this deleting subs, now Ill sub just those who I want to read.
Salty af
Salty af
phantom986 +1. That was actualy a good change in game and they will finaly stop this s4s sh it Laugh
If you want your subs so badly it's gonna be easier to get them back now..if you want hundreds of notifications everyday go for it.
V/S У мене зникло близько 230 підписників. Що ж це за дурня... Wink
"First one is that all subscriptions have been deleted" WTF?
And get an alert of everyone I subscribed for S4S? No, thank you. I believe it was a good move because now we will valorize the media module. If you want media mogul medal, make good articles.
This game sucks as the game that is imitating. Buy a Ps4 or Xbox Cheeky
Лет ме литл блоу ин мај дикилес Суб4Суб :ДЕ ај ем нот нотинг суб4суб он мај њуспејпр, бикоз ај сеј админс гет бек мај субс ај ем нот гилти фор крејзи ерор ин јор сјупид мајнд Грејт Ревардс фор биг чиф админ !!!
voted. Shangri La Smile)
Sub deletion was best thing they did in this game so far.