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Published in United Kingdom - First steps in eRevollution - 16 Feb 2016 08:15 - 89

Hello again dear citizens!

We have another update for you.

Good news for all Military Unit commanders, it is now possible to block someone from entering your Military Unit.

For all busy managers, you are now able to change your worker s salary.

And finally for all news publishers and readers we have 2 news, one not so good and one very needed. First one is that all sub ions have been deleted because we have noticed a lot of fake subscribers, however the Media Mogul medals were not deleted; the second news more important for all newspaper readers is that now once you subscribe to a newspaper and that newspaper publishes a new article you are notified about it, so you never miss an update from your favorite journalists.

We are also going to release a new medal for all who share the love for this game so much, that they promote it through blogs, forums and social media. The medal will be given to you directly by admin if you can provide evidence of your work. To earn the medal you have to provide some information about the game to others(like how it works, why it is fun etc.) not just paste a link somewhere.

Yours sincerely,
eRevollution Team



Comments (89)

first Laugh good good
fuc you then you deleted my 171 legit sub this is not fair because ı need 29 more sub for second medal Sad((( this is so hard mannnnnnnn
რა ღირს აქ ჩემი გაზეთი გამოფენა?
Sorry Sub4Sub Hunter XD
Sad day for sub4sub Hunter
I see how this is needed. However, this hurts the people that did not use multies, like me and many others. So, it would be awesome if only the sub-counter is reset for those who have 500-600+subs, not every1
admin ! how to use houses ?
good update @Pidbula Improved buildings
Lol i notice it just, that the admin newspaper has 16 subs? Laugh gg rofl
This is stupid, i had 290 subs 10 more needed for 3rd medal and now from begining. Sorry but not going to get subs anymore !
Nice unbalance. People had some gold with sub4sub hunt forging ahead. Great job -_-
well this is bullshit! it would have made more sense to go through newspapers, and if there are not proper articles, and only sub-for-sub messages, to deleted those subs. it took me a lot of work to get my 140 subscribers. I can not believe that you did this. bullshit
Yea u gave us chace to again sub to same people and get reward for that not smart admins. And i had 699 subs only 1 more. Pff my luck.
What the hell is a fake subscriber? Admins, what are you going to do next - zero out everyone's strength and balances because you claim there was "fake gold"? Fuck you and youe pay2win game. Everyone not spending his VISA is a second class citizen huh?
How much subs you must have for new medal 100 or your nuber of Media Mogul medals medals *100 + 100???
Guys, let's PROTEST the sub changes. Please vote and share my article: (PROTEST) VOTE, SUB, SHOUT
But some players still have their subscriptions. This is fair??? I dont think so.... Update disapproved!
bad bad bad baaaaaddddd idea! do you know how many sub4sub i and other people wrote, how many links they opened and subed others to get sub, do you know admin??? or how many days they wasted doing this? do you want to know it?? then please create multi account and try to cat 412 subs as i had , then when you collect this subs pm me and lets talk about life, nature or about weather ok?
does this solve fake subs? ohh i know , i know fake subbers will sub again there newspapers with multies and collect subs again, but people who had got subs fairly should collect subs with pain and sweat again and again....
That moment when you didn't even tried to sub4sub (even made articles about ruining them) and you have all your subs Smile
...looks like I said too much because I was added to the 'wiped' players.
so if we get 100 subs now we get a Medal ?
skata sta moutra sas
where the national chat?
Add and 2nd commanders..
★★★ s4s 100% return sub ★★★ --->P.M
shit. I had only 72 subscribers. and others players had hundreds . in my case no false subscribers. It is not fair to treat everyone equally and delete all.
funny thing is that you are killing your own game with your changes, this one is not bad but generally you will stay without players within 3 months ....
it is not fair to condemn all (including inocent peaple) only to catch the guilty one. it is better let free the quilty one than castigate an inocent.
Instead of doing that you could remove the god damn strenght that people bought it from you worst update
good manager
I have 715 sub OMG !!!!!
LOL. I have my 17 subscribers (true count) I am VIP Laugh
thats happend becouse u dont undestand this proyect. Is tha same than PLATO want in "e R ep", get all money that he can by visas. But now with the CHANCE to start at beggining, soo more REAL MONEY for him... HAHA was the TROLL VISA GAME SINCE FIRST DAY. Continue paying here, it will declive when u find the true.
good job!
Good job!
I have 22 society builder medals which is already proof of my huge effort of promoting this game. In all 46 people have registered with my referal link.
fuck you!!!!
Greek Translation incoming.
the second news more important for all newspaper readers is that now once you subscribe to a newspaper and that newspaper publishes a new article you are notified about it, so you never miss an update from your favorite journalists. HHAHAHHA And what do you think why is there SUB button at all? And what does subscribe to an newspaper means? XD
there is no practical reason for sub. there should not be media mogul medal for sub. Media marhule should be based on money you managed to collect with your newspapers by people who endorse your newspapers.
Stupid game and their makers. First make a game and then release it. You want money for nothing.
Thank God. If I had a penny for each "sub4sub" spam message I got I would have a lot of pennies.
fix lag
As if sub 4 sub was "fair" to get susbcribers... Don't worry about some cries Admin, there will be some of them at each News Release. Nice work with worker's Salary !
Good. Sub4Sub is ridiculous medal chasing rather than actually playing the game.
So... HOW exactly does this action solves anything?
Admin bug game no mm medal no gold my newspaper 100sub
@Forever You have 4 medals so after 500 new subs u will have 5 gold for the 5th medal...
Dear Admin. I worked hard for my subs. I have written 7 articles. Two articles have been in top 5 World Top News, one of them was in a second place. One article has received monetary 25 RSD from Admin. I am confused. What are fake subscribers? I have been getting 60 - 70 votes on my articles - now I have no subs. You think I am going to start all over again from beginning?
so if all subscribers are removed, is it possible to win MediaMogul all over again when player reach 100s? not that i care any more about achieving anything in game, but maybe someone does
Great changes.
i was missing 2 subs so f me right :S
so nice, was my request , thx Smile
FUCK U ADMIN (with love
Good work admin! Money money money Smile))
Excellent article! Approved.
LOL. They droped my 17 subs... Manually deletion?
@lonsiege i lost my 98 subs... so i am far away again from the MM medal...^^
deleting subs, but you did not take media mogul medals? It tells, that you let the "fake" gold at the players. Why is it good? when will you remove other things we got? I should consider deleting, we can not rely on you... How do you expect, that this way we will spend real money? NO WAY!!!
voted Laugh
"First one is that all subscriptions have been deleted" WTF?
On what criteria you decided to cancel the predplatena? False? What? What basis? Because of this you can be? The only criterion that I see ... All we have invested effort to ensure that subscription, wrote countless letters to other players, spent hours and hours and what do you do? Show the force and nothing else... And greed!
"predplatena" = Subscription!
If you did this because of fake accounts, you can identify them, therefore the only subscriptions that you should have removed were from those accounts .. I had 89 subscriptions, didn't even get the 1st medal to cover the cost of creating the Newspaper and now I'm back to square one .. Thanks Admins! Also .. hope you fix the Subscribe button soon, and it's kind of lame that you only reset the counter after one new subscription, faulty programming?! .. Best regards, another programmer
I had 49 subscribers and never went for sub 4 sub because I believe in honest work please check whether the newspaper had some decent articles before deleting them. Because even I lost my subcribers that I work hard for.
Fack yourself with a hunters 4subers !
Rocky Roll, you have misspelled the word fuck. Please correct yourself.
Devia aparecer os nomes dos congressistas que votaram as propostas de leis. should appear the names of congressmen que voted as law proposals.
We want API for this game.
What the fuck is that x) I can't say eRep anymore ! (e r e p)
unsub here too o7
admins, WTH is this?? """Newspaper, to which you are subscribed, has published a new article. Take a look on what is new Par reci i necu vise o ovome. 1 hour ago! """ are we gona get spam from every person i put sub? Not only that you removed peoples subs, now you will gona spam everyone if they do sub paper??? pathetic
Some ideas for the Admins: