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Published in Norway - Political debates and analysis - 16 Feb 2016 00:43 - 2

We are small country; We are weak country;
But we fight against each other, why?

First Norway president Pluvio play alone or with secret group of Norway players?!?
Second Norway president Dalmatae talk with us (ordinary players)  and we fight for free Norway and congress.

Pluvio kick us from MU... we lose chance to get energy drink RPG!  Why?
Patriotism or He are UK agent :D

Dalmatae make new MU... he wants Virtual Glory :D

I don t care about virtual politics gold. Talk each other and STOP screw Norway!

Norway s players needs:
- at least one region;
- battles at least every two days
- congress every month;

What next?
Every man for himself or will stop this separation...


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I am very agree with you in most of your points! We can have different ideas how to play further on, but a country with small ressorurces should not figth each other citizens on the battlefield. Instead we should clear it out in the politic and congress. In many ways its good to have two parties and MU`s. My hope is that the two parties clarifies each others strategy on how to go on. I hope to contribute to this , both as congressmember and through articles and discussion in the medias.
It is not good situation about our population! We need more player ( better ones then we are ) as we have 15 Congress members but we cant have President. I did my best for Norway and that is why we have Svalbard & Jan Mayen region. In future I do not want to run for political positions ( perhaps only for Congress as we can have 30 Congress members and we do not have that much population), but my idea is to give everyone chance to run our society for a while and by that we will activate our citizens at top. We have situation where I can support even Forsvaret members for presidency as my proposal of our player did not succeed ( even we have 8 votes and they have only 7 votes) >> probably because someone of our party members think that only he can be President. If we do not start working together in our MU and Party I will give my vote to Pluvio and we will have at least some kind of politics in Norway! I was disappointed by members who enter Congress under our party as they do not respect me as MU founder and Party president, so I was thinking to kick Darth Maul from my MU ( as I was not refund for its costs) but I do not want to be as someone else I was fighting before so I respect all players and all of them can be included in my military unit but my trust is going to be much harder gain again. Only point is if we are going to work together in our Party or we will give Pluvio to work with his party members ( even we fight for Norway and he has some other interests >> fight for UK and against us , maybe some more!) and give our community chance to make MPPs with his frends even if that means we are going to be erased or what else..