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Giving people self-confidence is by far the most important thing that I can do. Because then they will act.
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D - 【Other options】
Justice prices
Personal money to expand their areas of the company and the ability to fight
But we have to face up to the Japanese market.

Make good things for your employees.

Good fortune and happiness will come to the home of those who smile.
Give your employees some smile.

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Let's look at company of Novice Player
A Q3 raw company + 2 Q1 food company
If novice player work for themselves.
Got an employees can use.
Please use to Q3 raw company
Q3 raw manager + 1 employees = 500 raw
And use 2 Q1 food company to production =400 food + 100 raw
400 Q1 food = 800 energy
If novice player don’t work for themselves.
It’s will be a Q3 raw+ a Q1 food = 200 food + 50 raw
(400 Q1 food + 100 raw) – (200 Q1 food+ 50 raw) = 200 Q1 food + 50 raw
Your Salary must be > 200 Q1 food + 50 raw
Otherwise, It’s not justice Salary.
But if you sell cheap food for them.
Cheaper than 200 Q1 food + 50 raw. worthy
Be a Smart workers and a Good Seller Please.

Food price and Food effect. Click
How to retain employees to work for you?
Give good Salary.
Use your Personality
Your smile or something worthy.
Along with the market changes to your Salary
Can change your employees salary.
Selling cheap food for the nation
Let them know that you're working for meaningful.
Use gold for Salary ←evil actions
Grab the employees.
Rome was not built in a day.
Think about it, why do I have to use the first few days Salary growth.
This is to make them accustomed to have JPY.
Cheap commodity prices are growing too.

Enhance the value of JPY

Price of Unknown
Not sell even food and raw materials
Too much food. Are Useless.
24 hours can reply 2400 energy
Okay you need sleep. 2400 – 500 energy =1900 energy
If You have enough food. And you still sell high price no one buy it.
And every day you will continue to produce.
I don’t know what did you want. Really.
Waiting for prices pushed up?
Or the market when the warehouse.
Too much food. Are Useless.
Share it'll make money.
Of course, prices are still growing.
Grow to the price you want to be able to sell.
At that time the value of the yen. Really makes you have more money?
If this is the weapon that I can accept.But food and food raw?
We're making money in Japan. Earning gold form world.
Using Japanese worker and Let them have a better life in the game.


The Mercenary
When countries do not have important battle.
Easy to make money.
Do not fight for enemy.
Contact the Department of Defense and Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Emperor.
If you don’t know who is enemy.
Let me show you something
Please be a meaningful mercenary.
Know why do you want to help.
Money or something.

Be a Food King
Buy low and sell Normal cheap

For authenticity, I put their names published out


One hour  I Earned 50 Q2 food for free.

Earn a little, Make more.
If everyone did not buy your food back And you are lose this.

Don't lose
If you lose don't tell everyone I teach you do this.


I'm not entirely correct.
I will accept any criticism form you.

I'm not God.


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