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I dont know if admins are already AWARE of the damage they are doing to this game, by INCREASING the difference between visa and non visa players even more! Like it wasnt enough before!

Day 35, admins introduce a change in the game where you can get additional strength by spending gold, while there is no limit on the gold spend, no limit on the gold bought.. no limits whatsoever.. bcoz WHO NEEDS LIMITS?

With this change more and more players will fall behind with strength, and the already imbalanced game will deteriorate even more. 

Recommended change for the admins to implement so we can keep track on the people who are leaving the game bcoz they cannot compete with visa players :
The biggest battle tonight is between Kami and Kylo, and it's not on the battlefield, its in the LUCKY GAME ! But IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT, they're just using the game mechanics. 
o7 to all.  Feel free to share your opinion.


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well i took only 25 with few golds i spend and i don't play more i don't believe it is worth it and it is way to unfair i will use only the free tokens i get and about kami we are coming for him
And if they get 50 str per day, just 50- in 7 days it will be 350 str while most of the players achieve that much str for a month playing this game. We have 1 game which turned into "buy, buy. buy: win, rank etc"- but even that game in first 2 years were nice to play. I have no words with which I could describe my dissapointment in what this game turn on only after 1 month of sad...and it could be great, and they could earn a lot by time, with a bit of investment from every player. But greed is overvelming, and it destroyed a game before it could develope in nice strategy game, making no same mistakes... Oh well...what is done is done. Alea iacta est Smile
I said its not your fault at all. The game is too young and already dying bcoz of greed. The worst change you can introduce to a game like this is allowing STR to be bought. New players will now need 5 days to compensate for the str you bought in just a few clicks. New players wont find it interesting. Smile
atehtatopot i don't agree to that change so i will not use them i pay but up for a limit if someone wants to destroy the game he must now that he will find me in the opposite side waiting for him to destroy him Smile
Now their focus is money oriented, not society or strategy oriented anymore Smile
Hmm erep. is similar, but I spend time and money for it, so .... why spend it here, if I do get any fan ... I will give the admin little time to improve the game, but .... my time also is money so ... either they will pay it, or I will not give it away.
@ kylo you wont let me to attack this game, so all of you can get back in my world? Sad i became poor Sad
Big vote !