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Hello everyone!
As you probably know yesterday we have declared war against Japan. The reasons that led me to this is our actual low naval rank skills. Lithuania had a big deficit of damage in naval battles during last months and this is a problem for us since our people needs to learn defending our coastal holdings. Furthermore our country does not fight real wars since the Russian wars of october/november.

I have entered in contact with Japanese authorities about the war and our reasons to do that and I got a very friendly message from their Emperor who was totally in accordance to have fun with the war and fight with respect. Since our war with Japan is for fun and war skills development we have agreed with the Japanese Emperor to make a real war but with one rule. Any of our countries can win the direct/naval battles but once a region is conquered it shall be returned to the country by RW our counter attack. It means that if we win a Japanese region we should not fight in their RW because we will return the region for them, the same applies to Japan, if they win one of our regions they will not fight to hold it, it will be returned to us.

With this I hope you all enjoy the war that finally came after I writting lots of articles saying: ´prepare for war´ but the war never came, now it is here! It is of full importance that we use the war with the Japan and the fact that it will be real battles during the direct battles to improve our coordination skills like being all online and full energy at the start and end of the battles, being present in discord or skype and learning to calculate the energy for the end of the battles. 

Thanks Japan for receiving well our proposal, we wish you a good war and let´s have fun!


Furthermore I would like to inform our people and friends about our entrance in the Fortuna alliance and thanks them for receiving us there. It means a big change in our foreign policy and a new experience for us. I hope we can have good times here, make new friends and fight together. 

Thanks for your attention and come in our discord!
Lithuanian discord: https://discord.gg/FmgaanX

Grand Duke,




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dear lord , people can behave and talk normally ..... absolutely barbaric Smile Kidding its beautiful to see people treat others with respect
Good fun for u guys!