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Published in Brazil - Financial analysis - 14 Feb 2016 12:36 - 9

Due to the many different options in terms of weapons to fight on the battlefield, I decided to create a Google Sheet in order to be able to compare damage and specially cost benefit among weapons type. Considering prices available at Serbia market, Weapon Q1 still has the best cost benefit in terms of damage per currency spent.

If you feel this Calculator helps you, you can see use it by visiting this link: eRev Damage and Cost Benefit Calc. Cells in yellow are editable for your convenience.



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Good Article!
nice idea to link the damage calculation with the market prices... i always just used the "producer sight" in my calculator... :/ i whould like to add that idea with gold instead of CC (i dont care for CC) to mine... whould that be ok for you? just very less people have access to my calculator so you whould have still all the props... Smile
@raf904 go ahead my friend