State of the Union and welcome to SONS OF ANARCHY [EN/PT]

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Excuse my portuguese, our government will soon have an official translator, for now I am just using google Smile
Nice!! hail us hail soa
Hail USA, Hail SOA!
Nice Diesel!! Very good portuguese!! Hail USA!!! HAIL SOA!!!
looking good o7
Voted o7
Hail USA!!! HAIL SOA!!! o7
we are riding thru a huge growth highway!
Niiiiice! Hail USA! Hail SoA! o7
Excelent! Hail USA! Hail SoA!
Wow! Hail USA! Hail SoA!
SOA.... It s the dutch name for STD... lol
Belo português
SOA Hail o7
thanks o7
Thankyou USA o7
V s o7
if u leave VV i join you Wink
@petron2 no... Tks... You can stay in Switzerland
Hail SoA! Hail USA!
thank you dear sir o7
Hail USA with love from UK
Hail USA !!
Hail USA!
Muh Fruit! Not Muh Precious Fruit! ~_^
@Iskanoob Smile
CelioMG rules o7