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Edit1: i got permission from guy involved to publish screen for statement from 3rd paragraph. Its at the end of paragraph.

Greetings citizens of erevollution,

In last few days you probably saw a lot of fight shouts between members of VV, Georgians and Kinyas mostly on the one side and Germans on the other. At first i didnt pay a lot of attention to that but when i saw oposite side blaming us for some things, meanwhile using a really bad words against all my friends and citizens of Germany, i feel now that i have obligation to defend my friends from different kind of accusations, that are completely lie. Please note that all said in next lines can be proved with screens from private talk in discord, but cause game rules dont allow me to publish those screen without approval of all people involved, i will not publish them in this article, but if someone is interested to check whether  my statements are true, you can contact me in discord.

All started almost 1 month ago, when more then half of Delos signed NAP with VV. Guys from my country and me were puting a big effort to try parry in the battlefield and with that move from Delos side, they practically capitulated and placed all of us in even worse position. Strategy, tactics and seconds we spend here couldnt help a lot in that moment no mather how hard we tried to do that. And also we noticed that activity in Panzer MU droped down pretty much so we decided to change our way of playing and try to bring back fun to members from our MU. We decided to try being mercenary MU in next period, fully mercenary, without choosing for who or against we fight. For that way of playing, we needed to secure that our country has at least 1 region free so we can have good preconditions to start with merc mode. Because we had already some talks with VV, Georgia at first, we approached Kinyas and Georgia (they wanted Hesse and NAP, but cause we were in the war then, we refused NAP and asked for rental, no side didnt accept that). Cause we were now in other position, we made agreement with them really fast. I repeat, AGREEMENT, not NAP. Terms of agreement you can read in Ready to Die article . Beside this published in newspapers, i gave promise, in the name of Germany, that we will leave FU alliance and become neutral country. Also we agreed to keep wars open for TW's if needed. Nothing more, nothing less.

First, minor problems, started just 2 days after the agreement was signed. Meanwhile we left FU and in that sittuation, without mpps we were not able to use hospital or to fight for TP battles when there are no contracts for us.. So, i simply asked VV for TW, explained them that we should attack Georgia in Saxony-Anhalt, first of all because thats not resource important region for them and because we dont have mpps and in TW mpp battle, against Georgia + 9 more mpps, we dont have any chance to take that region. Georgian CP, Ready To Die, refused that with explanation that they have important battles in that moment (and they didnt have them actually) and that they will attack us in Berlin (region which belongs to Germany according to agreement). Although explanation didnt have a sense, i steped back and accepted it. They could simply say we are to busy with important battles and we cant afford now TW, so i will not ask them anything else. At the end, Ready To Die promissed me that they will not fight hard in that region, to be precise, he promissed that VV wont make more then 500M of dmg. Result: VV made more then 1.5B in that battle and Ready To Die broke his promisse that he gave to me, also they took region that, according to agreement, belongs to Germany. That was the 1st time one side broke agreement but we didnt want to make a noise about that without strong reasons.  *SCREENS THAT PROVE THIS STATEMENT*

Second, bigger problem, happened few days after that. We had, as i remember 2 contracts meanwhile, for Greece and Slovenia. Our 3rd contract was with Denmark. Our job was to help them in releasing their region against Turkey.  We suceed in that. Less then minute after battle was finished, Kinyas contacted me with request to see proof that Denmark paid us. I told him that we will give him proof after they pay us although we are not obligated to do that. Guess what? His response was yes you are. I know his ego is too big and his hate towards his ex comrades from Denmark is also, so his ego messed up everything we tried to agree with them in days before that. That was the moment when he and his friends crossed the line. We never agreed with them to give them proofs for who we fight or how much someone pays us. To make things worse, he started to provoke me and my people, threatining about future after agreement, also with words like liers or stg like that, with support from his Georgian friend and some other guy that he called in that conversation, Lukas Pim on discord, i dont have an idea whos that in game. That guy jumped from sky and started threatining too. That was the moment when we decided not to give respect towards them anymore.  We decided to respect agreement signed and published in game but to take advantages from that agreement, with that i mean on fighting against VV in resource important RW's for them, when we dont have contracts. Oh i almost forgot, cause of their acting, they helped us to give discount for Denmark, we took 1 gold for fighting in their RW. We really tried to be neutral, but even when they win this game, they cant act like gentleman. So our neutrality is impossible.

Only thing on our minds after that was to provoke them hard whenever we can and i think we did that. In coming days, we gave a lot of painfull kicks to VV, together with our friends, especially OFC MU, taking a lot of important regions from them.  I suposed that they will try to manipulate in public and blame us for all what happened. Master and puppets put a strong effort to do that but you cant hide all the truth from the players. There were some accusations that we dont fight for VV if they want to hire ask. Go ask your members that contacted me, did i refused to fight for them if they are willing to pay us with appropriate price? We had some contacts and never refused any client if we can deliver dmg that they need, but some of your countries didnt want to pay us with different reasons. Also accusations that we broke agreement are so funny, you all know what is truth and your manipulation will not p so easy. And Kinyas, i am not someone with who you can manipulate with and pull me in your dirty games, which you play from the beggining of the game. I feel sorry for people that are into your mind games, that cant think with their own head, that are puppets in  online game...
At the end, this article i decided to write because of my friends from Germany, that were called with such a bad names and they were even insulted. I must tell you that you are wrong with that too. That guys are best crew i ever met in online games and i know  it hurts when we are pain in your , when we dont care about your threats, your tries to rule the game, to dictate everything you want. Remember one thing, you can take us country, delete us, call us worst kind of humans (by Kinyas), threat us, insult us... But we will still be here to annoy you and play with your big ego, with your minds, with your dirty way of play...

Until new resource we take from you, save your tears.

In the name of Germany and Panzer MU,



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Sorry for mistakes and maybe double sentences, i was typing this deadly tired.
talking about human beings by Kynias is a disgrace for human kind itself a pure keyboard warrior which has nothing in his real life
Gott mit uns o7 hail Germany, hail Panzer
Lie #1. We decided to try being mercenary MU in next period - you did not decide it, it was just move for make agreenment . . . you make Merc Mu againist VV? becouse many times i wanted to buy damage from panzer and they told that they can t ! Lie #2. we needed to secure that our country has at least 1 region - so you wanted to secure 1 regiond and you made Bilions for 1+ regions ? Lie #3. we will leave FU alliance and become neutral country - to leave fu is not metter that you re neutral country, you leave fu and you spend all your resourse againist VV, show me your damage (only one) for vv if you re neutral. Lie #4. Also we agreed to keep wars open for TW s if needed. Nothing more, nothing less. - there was MORE and LESS . . . you agreed to keep wars for TW and here was one detail, you could not fight in HESSE, you should have 2 core region and you could not fight for other regions (without deal)
1. It was our decision. When you wanted to buy dmg from Panzers? When you started to threat us cause we didnt want to give you proof for Denmark? Ask for example Canada did i agreed to fight for them when they approached us and why we didnt. 2. As i said, from the moment you threaten us we decided not to respect you anymore. Thats why we fought in Hesse and against you in RWs. YOU were the first who broke agreement, YOU were the first who threaten us. Thats just a reaction. You didnt even gave us chance to show our neutrality. 3. Read no. 2 4. Read no. 2
Lie #5. they made 1.5b and RTD broke words - you wanted TW yes? i told you everything is possible, so we take berlin, after you will start rw and return it . . . was it TW? where is the problem? The biggest Lie #6. We never agreed with them to give them proofs for who we fight or how much someone pays us - you told many times that we will have any proofs (about damage selling) and you are neutral and you have not problem with us and e.t.c . and now . . .
I can publish screens that will prove my words, if you dont have anything against?
so you say it was agreenment , NO nap. let s say whats means our conditions? Germany will have Brandeburg Berlin and saarland. rest of the cores of Germany will be belong to Vae Victis alliance - it s mean that germany will have only 2 region, and they can t fight for Third or fourth region, yes? what is a condition if here wrote that you will have 2 region and you do your best for other regions? . . . . probably your dark mind can remember, but Sneaky blinde told us many times that you can t fight in RWs (without TW deal) you can t fight for hesse, you can t fight for your cores, i tink 2 weeks ago you made 400-500 milion damage in hesse and i told YOU that don t fight here we can t waste damage, your answer was - I will solve it, just don t annoucement about it. so why you told me it, if you could fight for hesse? IS IT RIGHT OR NOT ? ANSWER THE QUESTION moderator
Screens? i have not any objection, please invite me an old chat in discord, i have to find all of screens, please do it
No need to add anything Wink
Screens for 3rd paragraph added, for 2nd i will add when/if i get permission from Kinyas to publish them. For 4th paragraph i need permission from more people, but same like with 2nd... So cause there are screens for 3rd paragraph, i finished every discussion about that part, people can judge by themselves. Good night now. o7
i told you INVITE ME in olch chat in discord, and i will write article with whole details and after people will judge you. also i can s see reason why i should continue discuss with you, you have not any honor from me like player, like enemy, like moderator ( you wrote in all chat F@CK yesterdey, i asked you why did you write here FUCK when you re moderator? and you banned me) it s how you play. bad night
Learn english butthurt gurgians
jesus gurgian english is so hard to readWink Btw as commander of panzer i have never ever been approached by any VV country at least me personally.Also agreement as you said sasy we can have 2 cores and rest will belong to VV.It doesnt say we cant fight in RWs or wherever we wantSmileAlso it says we cant DW a VV country and vice versaWinkSo if you find a way to take hesse without dwing us then you are free to take it cause it belongs to ya and deal is intact SmileIf you dw us you clearly shit on the deal you signed and you clearly have nothing to do with honour anywaySmileAnd plz you keyboard warriors when you have 5 different countries holding cores and trying to keep down a less than 50 ppl active germany dont call yourselves strategists and stuff.You are plain dishonorable bulliesWinkNow go masturbate with the map and your bonuses againSmile
who is this nervous gay? Laugh this game is not for you man
ajme ko ce ovo citati uff cek da vidim ko pise ovo.... aha, dobar si ... slazem se Laugh vote i support o7
Full of empty words. Why dont you explain people how did you negotiate with us what promises you made etc. As I said before, it is shame for this game to have you in management team. In the end it my fault to expect honor from someone who ruined his homeland and ran away.
And you promised that you will leave FU and will not fight for them unless they pay you. So after that when you fight for them it is our right to demand prove that they paid you.
mogao bi ti to u 10 rijeći.....tko če ovo da čita sad....
One thing is for sure...never trust that Germonay will honor any agreement and now they whine like little girls, get ready for consequences guyzSmile
Just hope for Kenyaš sake, that VV win every battle! I am affraid for his RL health if they lose any Sad
that s just because you want to control everything kinyas, even in the other side. You use the imaginary powers of 50 percent of the world power to intimidate every bit of resistance. I will quote someone from the french community ,certains ont un besoin pathologique de pouvoir,
i just read bla bla bla. no word about agreement in which you gave all of your land s except 3 to vv. but fought for heese and broke it
Ready to Die is lying,we were approached couple times from VV when we were in FU (i was cp) to make NAP, I was always called that agreement, that was talk between gurgians and me, for joke only I sugested that I will personaly shoot against France in IRAn-FRA battle, man he added kinyas immidiatelly in that chat, so game begun. Talks begun and I said, we will not fight for delos but we need Turkey out of German core and we will help Gurgians to have bonuses in Germany secured, when I say WE , I meant PANZER MU. I even told Gurgians I dont have problem with hesse , go, take it, we put a little fight there just to release other fronts of gurgian damage, but it was insignificant damage from our side.Ofc Kinyas put his ego again in front of his allies. He declined that, but because of good relations with Gurgians we let them taking hesse, because we didnt care about bonuses. So, Kinyas declined, I attacked Turkey and we had 2-3 battles where we were short for couple hundred milions to win ( I must point that we didnt have help from allies in that battles)and we dealt great damage in that battles around 10-11b in both battles. After that we were approached to sign another agreement with better offer. Main problem there was that kinyas ego demanded that we dont fight for Denmark ( FU member), we again declined, but I once more repeat that we didnt make problem for Gurgians, because I had good relations with them, we didnt make problem for them taking hesse.It was something that I agreed with Ready to die and beast through discord and Germans didnt make fuzz about it. Then happened smth that I did think that will happen ever. I got confirmation from beast that Gurgians are deleting us because we we fought against Turkey (guess who ordered that). So when we stop fighting they will stop deleting us. Once again confirmed who the great Kinyas pupet is. So guys NEVER, but NEVER trust Gurgian (at least 2 gurgians mentioned).
the article say enough, who wants proof from discord talks he will get it, no need to argue whit those kind of ppl, their way of playing, lying and bullying everyone around, interpretating things that only suits their side makes me wanna throw up, you are weasels of this game and u corrupt it, but you should know something, we are coming for that you care the most, your precious bonuses will never be safe again and everybody knows that losing them is your worst fear!
Peaky, another ile. You agreed our existence in your cores and you also agreed not to fight against Turkey in bonus RWs. But I asked no fight against Georgia as well and you did not accept. Dont BS here now like You care about them.
You are lying kinyas, I said Turkey out of German cores, talk with ready and beast, that the reason why you tell them to try to delete us , BTW you were nothing in VV HQ, Ready was SC, but nevertheless he didnt say a word during talks, he always needed you to aprove smth.And yeah I cared for Gurgians. Its hard for you to understand that and if they have at leasnt small amount of fre and conscience they will prove my words. But once again you put your ego, remember talks about Poland also.
Yeah you threatened Poland as well and you got wiped. Same will happen now. Cry as you like.
at the end u will cry as always #spineless alliance
wipe us you keyboard warrior lol Xd who cares Smile but get your pals tooSmile we have 4 regions so you better get at least 4-5 dw against us or you might not succeed Smilelet us see your 4v1-5v1 big strategy again Wink I really get why gurgians are with ya but i dont get how others still follow ya XD
Welcome in Hell Guys Wink
KInyas, we didnt attacked Poland and we had chance. Main thing is that you use alliance for your ego. You have gio10 on Poland side as your puppet, those 2 on Gurgian side. with them and their army of multie accounts you rule Poland and Gurgia. When that isnt enough buying account starting. MAN, you even had SANDŽAK as CP of Turkey and that is bought account. And once again only because of your ego Turkey and Gurgia will not have secured bonuses, you will not know when we will fight, so you will make overkill everywhere. What I dont undesrtand is how other from your allieance can stand you. when I see that you threat someone I have urge to vomit immidiatelly. Well you have 8 days more till 6th April. And I publicly give offer to Gurgians and Poland to take bonuses that they need in Germany ( swap regions) we will make that happen. So if they want bonusesd they will have it. if they dont agree to that its clearly that you are running their countries not themselves. BTW. Nobody asked us who payed us to fight against Gurgians and take their bonuses.
As if i never told you, not to make agreements with scums.. pff
Also I fight at Hesse for the BH, how many times do I have to tell that? I did not wait Georgians to threaten you not to respect them, i did not respect them long time ago before this xD
Peaky, you wish. No country in Vae Victis will sign alliance with you until we wipe you and keep you wiped until you get some dignity.
hahahahaha... instructions of how to get dignity!!!!!!! the only thing that comes in mind as equation, is like taking advices from a stone broke, on how to make a fortune
@Kinyas,OMG, I just vomited, I saw you threat again, well you could also threathen to your allies ( I heard that Ukraine cant stand you either)because in your alliance it isnt milk and honey, dont worry I will not release discord chats where you are letting Albania be deleted. BTW, I offered region swap to POland and Georgia, not some kind of alliance, its a simple rental deal, so if I understand right, they must get approval from you to rent some regions. Man, what are you, you are not in VV, you are not CP in your country, you said that you left politics, so with whom I am talking here, with you Kinyas or with your ego. Please behave.SO once again I can publicly offer to Georgia and POland that we will keep secured their regions when they rent that from us.I will ask my friends in FU to promisse me that they wont make problems in german regions rented to Poland and Georgia. SO only problem to Poland and Georgia will probably be you Kinyas. Think about it, let dr Jekill come out, keep mister Hyde inside
btw i sell logo to Vae Victis (special offer for kinyas), its unethical to steal alliance s logos from other game Wink
Kinyas, its seams to me that you are little boy with big manhood complex Laugh IF you (MDP/VV) had honor, you wouldnt try to destroy game and would actually to something to earn respect of many by making game more balanced and interesting. So for reason above, you are trying to make your self feel important even if its in a game for you it counts. As i said what you are doing in this game its seams to me that you are trying to compensate for something...
Post the screenshot s
I thought crying about balance is old fashion @TopSecret. I havent seen anyone crying about it last couple of weeks when VV begin losing battles.
Come on VV, will you wipe a country that is top 30 damage power in the game? And that has no chance to defend himself? Is this for germany to have ¨some dignity¨? Seriously ? you are the ones that should have some dignity. I do not see where the purpose of this game that you are playing.
@Donnis, this guy is evil. He wiped Cyprus cause he didnt like the government... Are you kidding me? #keepcalmcrynias
wow, you re going to wipe Germany once again, and then what? Hope that they ll leave the game? Your little crusades against disrespectful people seem to be enjoyable only for you.
insan okuyacak aq
@Ready to die show us srceens adn we will belive you. becouse many times i wanted to buy damage from panzer and they told that they can t
I are gurgian, I tell good Inglish, you doesn t tell the best inglish. It are LIE #1 I ready to DEATH and go in Hell
I dont know what happened in pms, i know just the agreement where it is said that till 6 April all cores (beside that 2 you had) belong to vv, yesterday you (some mercenaries) stole region hesse from vv, (that by the agreement should belong to vv till 6 apr) .... So if you respect the agreement you (I mean Germany as country not as mercenaries) should return hesse to its ownes, to vv till 6 april... 6 april will come soon, then you can seat and negotiate withh vv hq, if you wabt to return cores you should demand them back, if vv refuse i think there will be war again, if agrees they will return your cores and thats all.. Its how agreements work, its how respect works and its how word works... So lets see, tomorrow maybe georgia (vv) will attack hesse again to return and there we will see if you respect the agreement or not
Well, i really hate Merkel for the Japanese destruction, but this isnt funny, wipe and wipe and wipe, what the hell are you?, our last goal in MDP was wipe germany and let it die...or that was the plan, i cant remember when the other side keep any hope of victory, not for organization, they cant win if they hold 5 DoWs at the same time, that isnt a war,that is overkill. /-/ The only thing i know for real of this circus is : The minds and the wishes of the people cant be controlled, for that all of us are in a huge bucle./-/ And for that in the Global chat we only can see people selling things, not discussions about Global FAs and Big wars, now the new Asteria will control this game for a long time, i wish the people here can wait for the fall.
Kinyas fucing leave alrready you are cancer of this game. When did you wake up and said God i aant to be a tumor today
Unban. Vist.
The Shaman Flugen Gegen Holen ინგლისურზე გამოეკიდე ჰო მიდი Laugh
ვისაც ჩვენი არეული არ მოწონს იმის დალაგებული მოვკალი რაც შეგეხება შენ უდიდესო პატრიოტო, ქართულის სულის მატარებელო, წადი ვაბშე თავი აიფეთქე ყველა მოვკალი შენნაირი ქართველი, სულ საქართველოს წინააღმდეგ როგორ ისვრი თფუი. ისე გერმანიაში რომ ჩამოვიდე მნახავ? მინდა შემოგხედო ნამდვილად ქარველი ხარ თუ არა შე გნიდა ბავშვო. იმედია მიხვდი რომ შენზე ვსაუბრობდი The Shaman, არადა ძან დიდ პატივს გცემდი ერთ დროს მარა დრო გადის და ალბათ დაბერდი და ცოტათი დაბერდი
The Shaman are you ok? dont be aggressive with georgian people!!!!!!!!!!!
lol he is the best of gurgian pplSmile he deserves to tel whatver he wantsWinkCmon kinyas show us how powerfull you and your allies are come wipe us again XD
What can you expect from such a poor man?
@ready to die, why you deleted your comment where you say F word, dont worry, as everything I have that also documented
IT IS JUST A GAME remember this.
this time next year rodney we ll be millionaires
2 long to read
i m too lazy to read this... edit the article plz to be more eye catchy.
@Kinyas, so you lose few battles, doesnt mean that anyone has chance with VV having more than half of active players with huge production advantage and over 60% of potential dmg, while other 40% its not united in one side, and one of reasons for that is exactly what you are doing to germany now (with if you dont hit for us as well, we will delete youj). So you losing battles is easily compared to Galatasaray scoring few points vs Red Star in basket, but end result is always same - humiliation of Galata. Except this here is game, and there is real life ..
Wipe and wipe μας έπρηξες τα κάκαλα.....
pesta re niko XD
@Peaky Blinder becouse your dear moderator will ban me . . . The shaman knows how idiot he is
Well my dearest moderator is CAKIMK and I am not sure that he will ban you, I didnt send report, only if shaman ask me i will send
ela koutsa koutsa glupse mas th poutsa . satanas taught me one more sentence , but I forgot . BTW its nice that finally we achieved goal to write words correctly. also, either being in Germany in this pixels, is not enough to rate my patriotism my noob niggers or it doesn t let you think I live in Germany. I think you d better get up and see what is going on in the world, except planning boring football matches. Don t you have friend or something like this ? football with guys who you even don t know well ? oh my godness and after this Ready to die called me idiot. Go do something, learn English and other beautiful languages Wink
I dont care whats going on but whenever you call as puppet one of us, we are deleting you. History repeats itself Smile
instead of thanking us for bringing life and excitement to a nearly dying game you complain for breaking a rule of agreement by taking a region not written, when you already did this first. Its ok for your side to do so, but not for the opposite side. We need an e-jugde around cause an e-police we already have Cheeky
Imperius you are puppet
Imperius you are puppet x2
You are all puppets, tangled in strings. Strings...
There is no need to talk with Imperius, he is just a puppet, let puppeteer master Kinyas say smth
Why did you even make any agreement with those scums? Bolje grob nego robb
Imperius you are puppet x3