Diference in Few Days

Published in Argentina - Warfare analysis - 13 Feb 2016 14:10 - 6

First of all i want to say that y have a low lvl of english,i hope you to understand my idea.
           The Diference in days of the players is too much, in only 4 days,if you only spent 30 minutes is te same that if ypu play 5h for day,so the persons that start playing when the game open have a lot of difenrence, to have the same lvl or damge of they you are obligated to buy gold ,drinks and spent mony in game,


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ayuenme quiero 5 gold jeje Smile
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pero si lo publicas en argentina para que lo escribis en ingles jaja.
pasenme los links de sus perdiodicos
S7+V4 =D Hay gente que puede pegar 3 veces mas que un pais entero....=/ No pienses en eso y a seguir subiendo!!!
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