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Ok guys, my english is not god, and my articles worst than my articles :-D

Ok here i give you some prof, if you whant buy DMG from Pakistan, whay firt take mony than hit you dmg.

Fist i ask  my friend did he whant sell dmg, he ask for who and what is price, i tel him 4g for 100k dmg, and tel him from 1 guy from pakistan i thisnk. he say me he scrowhim copl time and he whant sell dmg. Soo you now whay i wrot that in msg.

Than about  10 minits after trhat i got msg from no1 KyloRen. He is man like us, but hes only problem whay people dont like him is because his visa and mastercard :-D, i dont care for that. he send me 1 nice mesage , where he wroth  we dont buy dmg from you but we can give you some food, thanks man but i have planty food.

What is point of this, is thihs main startegy for EAGLE, t people to buy dmg, and than you send theam food, com on we ar not that much stupid.
sorry becaus my english it is bad i now
thanks and best regard



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imas nesto sto lici na engleski imas vote o/
hahah hvaala
well that escalated quickly Laugh what is pakistan doing with eagle ? Laugh
very good english
vote Laugh
Why I see this article after 28days Laugh
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