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Salutations to rUSA and its Citizens,

My name is Eddie Auston and I am one of the Founding Fathers of rUSA.

Since all my fellow candidates are writing those Congress articles, I am gonna follow their lead too. But first I would like to say Good Luck to all other congress candidates.
This is my first time writing this type of article so bear with me.

So a week or so ago, Smokey opened the Congress Call thread and I was like, ‘Sure, Why not?’ I quickly filled out the form and on 6th, I officially ran for congress. And now on 13th, here I am asking for votes.



Why would you vote for me?

Well, let me tell you about my eRev experience. I am:
Current Congressman,
Congress Whip,
XO of Seal Team 6,
Political Director (Feds),
Former NSC Director,
Former Secretary of Treasury.

And most of all; The title I love of all:

Founding Father of rUSA

I have lot of experience of political games. I also play eRepublik. I have been a lot of things there.

Take a look for yourself:

Apart from it, I played eSims for sometime too. I was Minister of Media and Congressman of Morocco.

Enough of experience stuffs.

Time for some announcements:

    I am announcing my candidacy for congress.Any fed candidate who hasnt filled out the form found on forums for congress will be removed from candidacy.

Want to talk?
You can PM me, you can find me on IRC and you can PM me on forums too.

Thanks for your precious time.


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Well I was mentioned so +1 vote
o7 EddieA