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Published in Greece - Social interactions and entertainment - 13 Feb 2016 01:30 - 7


Τomorrow I'll be counting 30 days in this "new" game. Honestly I am trying to find a good reason to continue playing it but I simply can't.
When we started "eRevollution", we thought it may be something new, something different, something revolutionary...now, as the days p, most of us see it as a bad immitation, a bad "copy" of the other same-type game.

We expected that the admins would think of ways to keep us excited and to entertain us but they've failed on this part so far. No missions, no clear economic module, no clear military module...almost everything is a mess and almost everyone is disappointed by the lack of imagination and creativity they show.

On the contrary, the possitive is that we have a better cooperation and understanding as esociety, kinda...I mean with all this mess we can't expect much more on this matter either.

My hope is that things will get better. My fear that soon enough it will end up as a dead game.

Trully yours,
Furious George


El Tarlo

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