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The purpose of writing this article to ensure NO new players ( newbies) are fall into honey trap :)
I will keep REPOSTING this article and hope players have same desire , please make sure this article are always / at least TOP # 5.

Buying Gold? Please note below :)
1. If you target is 5 Star Premium player , at least need EUR 700 ( 4000 gold ) then please buy , 5 Star Premium player is always wanted ( You can become the King or Emperor or whatever you want your wish is my wish)
2. If you target is 1 to 3 star, personally I don t encourage as you can only become needle in the haystack, too crowded as the result your voice is very hard to hear. 
3. How about 4 star?? then it is half half :D 
4. Consider the game fairness -  With 1 friend from 5 Star premium + 10 Gold , you can have unlimited Q1 Heli / tank company.
For those who are new and wonder how these can be achieve, is it bug??  Nope till now NO ONE claim that this is a bug.  But now Admin has ban selling the company to do this. NOW, if you want Q1 Heli company, you need prepare 1290 golds instead of 10 Gold , for the late starter including myself , we can only see see ( remember we are needles in haystack ) . 
5. Article to read : ,

Hope this help to all new player(s) :)


Sar Bell

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this is sad I thought this game would be better then our neighbour