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Published in South Korea - Political debates and analysis - 12 Feb 2016 10:33 - 17

A battle broken out today, South Korea attacked Republic of China.

It seems regular job like this game, but why sould I write this stuff in article?

That's because there is story like real life.

eSouth Korea started with some allies in erevollution, there were Ukraine, Poland, etc...
And there are countries Japan, China, Taiwan in Asia like real life.
But as we know, Many Chineses used not to join web game as we all know reason.

So there were Taiwan, South korea, Japan about 30 days in peace.

But as we know, a few days ago Japan declare new alliance, which have Taiwan, Indonesia, Mexico, Ukraine, etc...

So eSouth Korea is positioned alone in Asia..
Korean users tried to maintain diplomatic relationship with allies and trust that.

This is a usual story may be happened to all nations.
And as we expect easily. THE one of new alliance, Japan declare they will attack lonely country as their first target.

Now something exceptional was happened in order.

The allies unilaterally reported to us they will cut off relationship with South Korea next month by no proper reason.

We guess the reason was that they have same connections between countries in new alliance.

So a this country lost connections and leave alone waiting for being attacked all around.

In the result, South Korean usuers anticipate not only to lose territory but also society in the beginning this game.

Who might think this could be possible, but I think we need minimum balance to enjoy this game.
All big nations attack a small nation is shady conduct. It makes this game losing healthy sociey.

I don't want to just complain this. I hope to protect reoccurance of this case other nations in the future.

A sad word come to my mind again..
Weakness is guilty.

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Lie. "Japan declare they will attack lonely country as their first target" Japan told that it better to be enemy instead of just neutral because SK not have any borders to atatck exept us, and for that SK published the documents that they got by mistake of one Japanese citizen.
@Kami Neko, I wrote these all I know. you mention above, Japan told its better to be enemy with South Korea, what is differnece between declaration attack to South Korea. Who did you told that? And eSk didn't want to fight against near countries. We don't have any reason to fiht benefit because Japan is much powerful than South Korea. You have early starters. But we don't have that. Japan is reason of this war.
South korea and Japan had similar allies. We didn't have any malice to you. Buy you decided easily to delete small country nearby. Thanks for your goodwill. And I personally teach you basic attitude between users. You ignored my say greeting message. It's not manners.
@jungrim, I told it to yours CP.
@Kami Neko, thanks talking to our CP directly you will be enemy with us, of course you know the imfortance of CP's word between diplomatic relationship? You are not a man of your word you said to me all talking needs mofa and regular route yesterday. You should need mofa because of your rash act.
I still do not know why Korea needs to attack Taiwan.
YouGodMe I have no idea... We planned to add SK after all to the FE but how you can see they attacked Taiwan :/
Japan could plan or any saying inside is free , buy you expressed South Korea to be a target first. I agree a caountry can deside anything and talk all kinds of things inmind, but we should know it can influence another country bearby if you expree them. Even t's obvious when there is strengh between them. It seems like North Korean behavior in real life.
new alliance,which made by japan, will make new balance in this game by destroying eagle. but I think that it will destroy balance of asia. your alliance have japan, RoC, indonesia. it is almost all of strong country of asia. in fact, all of problem is japan. because japan(only kami, lol) is so strong. hail kami neko! hail otaku! hail japan!
Selling POPCORN.
South Korea Fought against Venezuela, So. Good luck, Call the one's SK Assisted.
hi~ SK Fought against México Cheeky xD
hello alejandro madrid, shirogane. We don't have any malice between other countries. Japan only lies that they already wanted to have peace with us. Big lie.
v+c+s at least we're all now in the same alliance ... respect from eIndonesia!
@Moers, thanks a lot for adding valuable comment o/