Northern Horizons

Published in Norway - First steps in eRevollution - 12 Feb 2016 08:36 - 2

Welcome tothe newest newspaper in eRevollution! Let me present you Northern Horizons!

Ohhh! Not an other one, you may be thinking! How many requests of subscribing newspapers have I received until now! Sorry to say; In the start I have to do the same to get a position, but further on in the game, I hope you find the Northern Horizons so
attractive, that all your friends decide to subscribe because of the
interesting stuff!

My goal with this paper is good journalistic work. To make articles about the game (which I find fascinating), the country (which I wish to develop), the politics (in which I want to participate) and the economy (which I hope to help prospering). To make this possible, I need your help and support, not only by subscriptions and economical donations, but also when I `am asking for interviews, statements, information, and so on. And last but not least: I wish all my readers to participate and discuss in the comments box. Give me your suggesting topics, your shouts, your agreement or disagreement! By giving your engagement, YOU improves the Northern Horizons! 

Let`s make a good paper together!

Thomas the editor



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