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One Button Illusion | Day 33 | Issue 7

Dear citizens of the deleted countries and everyone else,

Are you looking for a new home? Is your home nation conquered by a bully neighbor, or simply to small to be functional (ie, Austria, see the final address of the Austrian CP; or, the Norwegian example)? Are you just sick and tired of not being able to earn a proper wage, or fight in a war?

Why not moving to Croatia instead? Read below for more!!

In other news, let s take a look at the last few days international press and discern what the quality reading had to offer.

I hope you enjoy the read!
Croatia - Your New Home

So, you are either:
    deleted from the map
    or in any other state where you don t know where and how to proceed

There ain t that many active citizens in your current country? You can not find workers? You can not find a well paid job? You would like to invest that hard earned gold, but you are not quite sure that the current location is the best place?

Well... allow me to introduce.... CROATIA :)

Things you need to know from the out-start:

1. Our CP is a family loving man:

2. If you check the Croatian Economy tab, you will see that at this point we almost have all the resources bonuses. In less than a week, we will have all of them, due to an arrangement with our Italian Ally. SO,
100% BONUSES on the production. A perfect place to start a business!!

3. The Serbian Army, getting ready to sign the capitulation, has made a small gesture of future friendship by showing how much they appreciate the Croatian move into Serbia, to help modernize the nation, provide medical assistance, and bring laughter to the faces of Serbian women:

4. If you move as an individual, you will be greeting by the friendly folks at the Croatian official IRC Channel: #CroRevollution, and if you are moving in as a whole group, please write to our Minister for Foregin Groups and Minorities, his Toiletness, Mrs. BorKhan

Join us, the Croatian community will happily greet you!!
The Balkan Front Cuming to an End... GRAND FINALE

In addition, the Balkan front will soon be closed, with the upcoming deletion of Serbia.

With the prior approval from the EAGLE HQ and Croatian, Bosnian and Turkish MoD s, I am disclosing the end-game military plan of subduing Serbia into Servia.


The first strike is to be made on the left flank, from Western Serbia, were, as we speak, Serbian women are greeting the Croatian liberators with flowers and kisses. The attack aims to quickly blitz through the weak WW1 Serbian artillery defenses, circle the Serbian lines with tanks, and squeeze them into a pleasant surrender.


With the disarray within Serbian forces mounting up to oblivion, the Turks will invade from the East, with full cooperation of the Bulgarians who have already committed themselves to the EAGLE Alliance through a covert non-existence-on-the-map method. The main goal of the Turkish armed forces (also read this article for other auxiliary goals), after having captured the Serbian Eastern Armies HQ, is to explain to the Serbian military leadership why wearing a mustache is an important element for the modern erevollution army. This is expected to demoralize the Serbian forces to the extent that they will question their ability to subdue their women and enemies alike.


Finally, as the Serbian west and east fronts have collapsed, and with the majority of Serbian soldiers growing mustaches, the Bosnian Army will meet little resistance in their final push straight through Serbia, in order to secure that sea fish resource in Belgrade.

What follows is an eruption of joy and happiness among the former belligerents.

Quality Press

Before I begin, I d like to point out to the creation of a player-based wikipedia for eRevollution. Feel like contributing? Visit the Portal, and give support to the author.


An excellent company production calculator.
Boosting and cheating - two sides of a same coin?
Proper punishment for cheaters - ideas by Jimmy86.
Have you missed reading the erev leaks
? If so, check the article and the comments below, and think about it.

Game Mechanics

Terrorist and Rebels? WTF or FY? Decide on your own.
A set of proposals and ideas with regard the game mechanics - fresh and innovative, well done, a must-read!!
Another excellent set of ideas with regard the game mechanics - again, well done!
A very interesting set of ideas with regard the player classes. A good thing that the player is not coming from India :P :P (was this politically incorrect? are we allowed to be politically incorrect?)
Another proposal, with regard the general state of game transparency.


Statistical information with regard the Baltic Treaty.
A solid national plan for the up-coming period (Brasil).
A solid national development plan (Turkey).
A very detailed national plan (Ukraine, Ministry of Economy).
Another one from Ukraine, on how to give gold loans to citizens and what s it all about.
A short and clear US report on national activities.
The New Argentinian Deal.
Global national treasury and ranking analysis - an excellent short overview.
A simply fantastic geopolitical early-game analysis by a Hungarian journalist - a must read, even if the google translate does not give it a full credit.
An excellent Balkan geopolitical analysis by another Hungarian journalist - both of them provide an excellent read, and I hope that will consider writing in English too
Another excellent and well written geopolitical analysis of the Balkan wars, this time in English - and guess what?; the author is also Hungarian. HUNGARIANS, YOU ROCK IN JOURNALISM!!! :)


A good example of a public treaty - here, France and Spain have committed themselves to end the hostilities and sign an agreement that is to shape the geography mid and south-western Europe in the time to come.
South America on a brink of a devastating war?? Who will join the fight? Who will support who? Where is Batman!!??
Irish-Candi Empire - a myth or reality? Are they coming for us???
A short interview with the Japanese CP who is thankful to the fact that Japan is not in the Balkans :)

Read all about NEXUS and WALDO in the new exciting board game this is f.. boring HERE.

See if you can detect Kylo in every single article written by the same author.
Not really trolling, but equaly sad: something is sad in the State of Pakistan.

The chocolate is going to GET LICKED!!!
This above is actually a very serious article written by the Italian CP, super Mario, who is trying to motivate the remaining 3 of his citizens to join him in a fight against two Swiss two-clickers. the Mid-Europe is about to erupt in a chocolate delight! I wonder how many BH hunters will smell that fine taste of choko!!! However, I would have preferred to see the outcome of the fight fought only between the opposing sides. Imagine that, the Italian Army against the Papal Guards. Go figure.

Finally, the unforgiving Samurai:

Tnx for reading!

Hope to see you in the next issue too!



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