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Hello citizens of America! As you all know, this is a new game that is only on it's 3rd Day. As such, people are starting to form political parties, military units, newspapers, and companies. Today, I would like to take the time to announce to America two things.

1. The creation of my own newspaper, titled A Comrade's Tales. It is here where i will post all my articles that are personal or made specifically for an organization, such as the government or a party.
2. I would also like to take this time to announce that I have started my own party, known as the Democratic Socialist Party.

Seeing as congress elections and presidential elections are upon us, I'd like to take the time to ask like-minded players to come join me in this party, and help steer America into a better future. We are a Far-Left Authoritarian party, however not everyone must be a left-winger or role playing as one to join us. We accept anyone and everyone, as long as they share a similar passion to help this nation grow into a stable, powerful nation for all our citizens to enjoy. For a little more about the party please check out our party page at Democratic Socialist Party, send me a PM ingame, or find me on irc at #eRev-usa (Official national IRC), or #DSP (Official party IRC). I will also be attempting to get a subsection on the National Forums.

Thanks America for your time, 
~Thomas Killah


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V+s. good to see another party already Laugh