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Corporate Information

Employees 15/28
Total costs  208.5 JPY

You can see I can have total 28 employees
But I only need 18 employees, I work for myself
So my vacancies total of only 17
17 active job offers 

Sometimes I would increase job opportunities
Because someone did not work


Why is it called the Civil Service?
Because their salaries will be certain criteria ←Changed depending on commodity prices

Not best Salary
but its ok for live

They manufactured goods I will sell cheap

You can see that I can give a little higher salary
But my product is not high

Yes, It is the use of my personal property
But I did not make much money

Salary will be higher and higher
Ensure the quality of life of citizens

Civil Service←Click


I am Minister of Economy
To ensure national growth and how to make money

If there are more players like me to sell goods for cheaper price

Or you use gold to buy JPY to buy Japan market goods

JPY will be more valuable


Kami Neko

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