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Hello fellow eAmericans,

First of all, welcome to eRevollution! As some of you may have understood, our country is still rising and organizing itself so it can serve the people. Just during this first day, some players in our country have gathered and what started as a small council was now turned into the 1st Provisional Government of the eUSA.

Since Biohaze has been the man who has been creating the National Forums and created the national IRC room, putting his heart into the task, he was chosen to be the first President of the United States!

After the agreement of the present on the IRC room, the following cabinet was appointed:

President of the eUnited States: Biohaze
Vice President: Covow*
Chief of Staff: TheMadCatter

Secretary of State: Abraham Lincoln
Secretary of Defense: Oblige*
Secretary of Media: Apollos*
Secretary of Interior: Hunburry*
Secretary of the Treasury: Archidux Paulus Papiensis*

* This cabinet members have not yet confirmed they accept their new position.

Department of State

Since I have been appointed your Secretary of State, I will keep you all informed in the best of my ability in regards of our country foreign policy. Now that we have a provisional government formed, I will make sure to start contacting other governments so that we may have a better shape at how foreign relations will look like.

Within the next few days there will be an article with the countries we are interested in having a relation with. I will also be officially opening an Ambassador Program so if you are interested to serve our nation in foreign affairs, feel free to message me!

Political Party/ Military Unit / eUSA forums and IRC room

Our Nation is still in formation and it is important to start working on a few things, therefore I will inform that as soon as I have the requirements I will start a Political Party and a National Military Unit.

This first political party will act as a Unity Party and we will run everyone who is interested to represent our country in Congress as soon as we have Congressionals. If Biohaze intends to serve as the first elected President, this new party will name him the official candidate. In the event another person is interested, a vote will be held. The candidate with most votes will be the first elected President.

If more than one party emerges, each candidate (if more than one) is free to try to achieve the endorsement required to run for President.

I take the opportunity to inform that President Biohaze finilized the creation of the forums, you may register here: eUSA Forums

You may enter the national public IRC room here: #eRev-usa (Rizon server)

I hope you all have enjoyed your read and keep tight America! Things are just starting to get interesting!

You may all return to your regularly scheduled clicking and I will return to mine.

Kind regards



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First denied!
Second acquired
Third Obtained.
me cagan,esa pole es mia ;_;
I'm fine with this, but when was this all confirmed?
I accept my position, and look forward to working with everyone.
Hello from France o/
Covow, was confirmed last night on IRC. (It was mentioned on the article)
No Topa, no Vota!
The Republic of Paraguay wishes to have great relations with the United States. Long live the USA. Long live Paraguay!
V + S o7
Good start.