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Published in Japan - Financial analysis - 10 Feb 2016 20:25 - 3

Very Surprised

Nice price

I know you will say : not enough warehouse space

Nice Salary

An employee can make 200 food
0.5 JPY x 200 = 100 JPY

100 JPY - 15 JPY = 85 JPY
earn 85 JPY or More
So nice

So please working for yourself
You can make 100 JPY every day

If you can sold out that price

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JPY = 0.006 G
We can see 1G = 1500 energy

The domestic price is always greater than the international price?
There is absolutely no export

Continue to go on that market price
The JPY will still useless.

Very pleased to see such a price on market.

I also like to do Sarcasm.

Anyway, I will continue my commercial way.
Enhance the highest Salary & sell the cheapest goods.


Kami Neko

Comments (3)

No one will buy because no one earns enough besides that no exist a lot of offer in the sale of gold. don't know if there is a buyer bot on the market as to put the exorbitant high food prices.
V I hope there will be more sellers and buyers in good price.