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Temporarily banned player and former President of Peru 27 YUG have come back. He become a citizen of Venezuela, and he is now their the most valuable warrior.
Admin has give back the money and a gold to Peru. Will Peru resurrect himself from the ashes?
Peruvians, it s depending of us!

El tramposo está de vuelta

El jugador temporalmente prohibido y ex Presidente de Perú 27 YUG han regresado. El llegó a ser un ciudadano de Venezuela, y ahora es su guerrero más valioso.
Administrador tiene que devolver el dinero y el oro de Perú. Perú será resucitarse a sí mismo de las cenizas?
Peruanos, es dependiendo de nosotros!


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Damn, both your spanish and english are awful.
thanks, please teach me!
Nah, I'm too old to start teaching how to properly write 2 languages. You'll have to hang to the ol' Google Translator or whatever the hell you're using.
No, I ask you to teach me how to destroy your small neighbor. And how to be such a sponger, when you talk with a big players in this game.