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Today's Date: 2/10/16
Author(s): Apollos, White House Press Secretary
Topic(s): Congress, IES, New Leadership, War

Happy Wednesday, eCitizens! It has been awhile since our last official update, but much has happened in our eCountry over the past 2 weeks. Allow me to fill you in on some important recent developments:

Congress continues to pass MPP's to support our fellow EAGLE members. We have passed (15) MPPs in total, and had much success in battle. They are also debating and refining the eConstitution, which will allow us to have a vital framework for our young eCountry. This will be finalized and ratified shortly, adding to our stability as a society.

Another important item that has been in Congressional crosshairs is the development and refinement of the IES (Immigration Enforcement Service). This agency checks out any citizenship requests we get from foreign nationals that wish to enter our eCountry. We ensure they do not have multiple accounts with the aid of mods, and also check to be sure they are not tied to hostile countries. 

New Leadership
After a booming start, our original Commander in Chief, Biohaze, opted to resign due to personal commitments and time constraints. His administration was marked with much growth and development, and we respect him for recognizing his limits, asking for help, and ensuring the leadership was transitioned to a capable successor. His successor is AbrahamLincolln of eRepublik and vPopulus fame. Abe brings a great deal of intelligence and experience to the position, and our country will continue to prosper under his watch.

It has been noted in public already, but I will do it again in this forum. Thank you all for your great efforts in recent wartime. Our eCountry strikes hard, fast, and relentlessly, and we will prove to be a force to be reckoned with. We recently have won several notable victories in Cuba, support our allies and securing our borders as a result. What we do not have in sheer numbers we make up for in strategy, organization, and strength. Please continue to check for orders, and support our EAGLE allies.

It is a pleasure serving you, eAmerica. Stay classy.



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