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Published in United States of America - Financial analysis - 13 Jan 2016 18:02 - 3

Current US Market:

Guns- TheMadCatter is selling Q1 guns for .57 cent, and is willing to sell internationally. Message him for more info.
Food - The USA already has a surplus of food, and is willing to export. Prices range from .1 to 1 USD. Message Covow for more info.
Wep Raws- HunBurry is selling left over gun raws for .04 cent, willing to export. Message HunBurry for more info.
Food Raws- No current USA offers.
Housing Market- HunBurry is looking for partners in this idustry, message him if you are interested.
Housing Raws- HunBurry is selling 750 raws for .02 cent, and is willing to export. Message him for more details. 
All Other Resources- Message HunBurry, Secretary of the DoI, or Covow, the USA's VP. 

Thanks for reading, ePoll is late, I know. Will come out tomorrow :)


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