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Idea for the game Rebels and Terrorist organizations
Hi, readers.

This is my first article on eRevollution. I was waiting for an opportunity like this to create my newspaper. I would answer a comment in the article above, but I realized that it would exceed 2000 characters, so I decided to answer it in my newspaper. Answer below:

The system rebel looks great, but the idea of ​​terrorists has some problems that need to be resolved. I suggest some methods to control the entry of terrorists in any country, but I do not have a clear idea about how it would affect economically, militarily and politically each country:

- State control: the Congress would be able to pass laws that could difficult the entry of terrorists in the country, such as
 1. closing frontiers - This closure could be external (where you close borders with a country) or internal (where the borders of a state of the country under terrorist control or among all states would be closed). That would be the law of more immediate effect, but hinder the transport of goods between states and countries, and it would be an inflationary increase in the country to approve laws of this type, ie, production costs would be even more expensive with bonus each region.
 2. increase surveillance - This would increase or military (which would be more visible and hinder the RWs, but the MUs would be forced to leave part of his estate troops in the country, which means less support in battles) or would be an investment in an intelligence service (which would be less noticeable, but would be more expensive and the returns would take over at the beginning of costing I will explain the intelligence service soon).
  3. difficult travels - To adopt this option, some things would have to be implemented in the game. As each country will seek to prevent foreign terrorists open RW in their countries, we could implement a system of observation of possible terrorists, where players suspected of participating in terrorist groups would be marked by their country of origin and other countries (this would be another function of the intelligence service). So, this brand is visible to other countries but without revealing the intelligence services who put such notifications on the player, and with it, the intelligence service of a country that wants to take the trip that player would consider whether the mark is consistent with reality or if it was placed because of political issues, for example. Thus, we have three ways to difficult travel here. The government could have the option of increasing the cost of tickets for travel to any region of your country (this would directly affect the local economy, and difficult aid of allies who need to travel there), it could have the option to create a especial visa for travelers from any country (in this case, the validation of the application would be made the same way as the request is made of citizenship, increasing bureaucracy), or it may prohibit travel of any citizen of a country (that would be even more dramatic to the public coffers, and many people would be deprived of winning some medals).

- Economic Retaliation: countries that were suffering from terrorist certain nationality could come together and approve together a multiple economic embargo against that country. In this case, the punishment will be less severe than in a normal game embargo to prevent this device is used in order to facilitate wars (we could have a trading restriction to certain products, or a restriction based on the game schedule).

- Coalition: Just as the embargo, countries that suffer terrorist attacks from a single location could unite and attack him. However, this group of countries can not use multiple embargo along with the coalition. These countries must choose between one or the other. Moreover, the Congress of those countries approve an individual embargo on the target country, he should stay out of the coalition.

- Coalition for internal solution: If the government of the country does not agree with sending terrorists to another country or with the support given to them by a military unit, he can request help from other countries through Congress. If another country to accept the request for help, the damage caused to the military unit that helps terrorists is increased. In this case, MU would have to be necessarily a seat in some unique region of the country of her origin, and that war would be there. If the country wins, terrorists will can t work or train for a week (they need to re-establish its base). If the MU win, everything is as it is.

About the intelligence service:
The intelligence service that was mentioned in some sections of this article will have these rules (I need more ideas in order to create a good intelligence for the game):

- The members would be chosen by the defense minister of each government, and each new member would need the approval of the defense minister or the president of intelligence;

- After the first members are chosen, they would have internal elections to choose the president and his plate (vice-president, secretary - who will negotiate with other intelligence services and MUs, second secretary) in 24 hours. The next elections follow a fixed date to be determined;

- An intelligence agency member can not be president of her and minister in any area at the same time. If he intends to run for president, he shall resign from his position of minister;

- The seretas agencies are responsible for obtaining information on a country, on a political party on a military unit on a person and any other threat to their country of origin;

- The Secret Service may mark players as potential terrorists or as foreign spies;

- A member of the Secret Service can not, under any circumstances, reveal issues discussed internally within the agency, under penalty of permanent expulsion;

- A member of the Secret Service can not compete for positions such as president or congressman of his country. If you want to compete, it must move away from his post two days before applying;

And here ends my comment. Please comment on any criticism or suggestion below. I await your opinions.


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