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But where is Nexus?

Where are you NEXUS I cant find you? are you lost?
'Are you with our friend Waldo?

Or are you still hiding behind excuses why you cant win any battles?


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Down with NEXUS
i see no kitty, u liar.
Serbia is mine for the taking. Just you wait....
to be honest i like serbians a lot Laugh i don't want them deleted yet Laugh
Norway will conquer Serbia!!! Take your fingers out of my pie Ireland!
dont u just love how things can change for 360degrees in one day ? eagle starting to loose an almost every front , you will feel the anger soon Wink
Right right right right im sure @plavsupermen
Fly fly Superman, fly like a bird.
@Dalmatae Laugh Laugh Laugh there isn't changing anything. it is only for time. time shows u which is best eagle or nexus Laugh Laugh
Yes you win . And delete every oposite countries. But now is borring will be, and i will be glad to see you suck our lolipop for make balance in the alliences.
this should be interesting xD
Considering wiping Serbia.... you will wipe - our ass with your tongues XD XD XD
Very good article my friend Cheeky LOL o/
Laugh o
@kylo, but not for lack of trying
jancuk kabeh
And when you take men's lives, our graves will fight with you
what is nexus?
Albania DONE Turkey out of Serbia DONE Bosnia NEXT Croatia NEXT Smile
How many countries will u include into attack on Srb and still u cant delete us,even if we will be back minutes after it u are fail Serbia stronk!!!
Serbia STRONK. Dalmatae are you stupid or you are just some kind of retard
Nexus CSFR attack Laugh
hahah lol