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Published in United States of America - Political debates and analysis - 09 Feb 2016 17:43 - 6

Hello fellow Americans,

I am here today to ask for your vote for me for the upcoming congressional elections.

I am not a big guy into writing so I will keep this article short. I am the type of person that wants to fight for what the citizens of America want. You wanted war? Me as Security of Defense worked hand in hand with NSC and the President to make this war possible. I also have some experience on my side as not only was I a congress member for this month, but also Speaker Of The House, Commander of Seal Team 6, and have been newly appointed in Abraham Lincoln's cabinet as SoD. But more importantly I am here to help the citizens get there voice heard in government. That is my one and only goal. Sooooo

Vote MrSharp1219!




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