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Edmond de Bushi Bell, born on August 23, 1878 in Vezinje, France. He finished high school in clic Condorcet, and then graduated from the Faculty of Law. As a doctor of law, he was a senior financial officer in Paris, Advisor at the Ministry of Finance, and during the First World War occupied a prominent place at the Headquarters of the French Eastern Army in the Balkans. the arrival of the Thessaloniki Front, Edmond de Bushi Bell had the opportunity to stay longer on the bandage Black River where he stayed six months. Then follow the movement of the Army in Island Lake, Lerin, Bitola, Prilep and Skopje, where he completed his life's path. He died in Skopje on 20 October 1918.Edmond de Bushi Bell at the time wrote a book about Macedonia and Macedonians, who after his death was published in Paris in 1922 under the title: "La Macedoine et Les Macedoniens", (Raridz 1922 80, IV. 303). The book of Edmond de Bushi Bell that appears in print, four years after his death, was awarded by the French Academy of Sciences. Today, when Greece and denies the right of Macedonia to use the name, the book of Edmond de Bushi Bell is interesting and important from several aspects.Realizing that the Macedonia for a long time will be subject to interest from Europe, Edmond de Bushi Bell tries to give its decision on the Macedonian issue. Based on personal observations and experiences acquired during his stay in Macedonia in his writings he concludes that, although the lation is similar but different from the Bulgarians and the Serbs, and that the "Macedonian Slavs are not Greeks." Edmond Bushi not only distinguishes the lation in Macedonia, but also suggests a solution that "the lation of Macedonia should be separately as a separate nationality whose name would be part Macedonians." These findings and its decision is particularly interesting so we transmit extracts from his book in which he says:"Neither yesterday nor today, dates back to the Macedonian issue. Makedonija had behind long past and in the future will not stop the deals Europe. That Macedonia and became known to Europe is due mainly to two factors, namely: its geographical position as a crossroads of global routes: one from Belgrade and Novi Pazar through the Vardar valley to Thessalonica and the other - the old Via Egnatia from Durres again of Thessaloniki and Thessaloniki port of Macedonia as the least does not stand behind its Istanbul and Suez. Thessaloniki can be mastered over the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and over the roads to Asia.Another cause is that the lation is different nationality, origin and above it long ago implemented tactics of influence by neighboring countries, backed by the major powers, whose interests are related to the position of the Balkan countries ... three groups inhabiting nationalities. One is contested nationality Macedonian Slavs, in short Macedonians, who form the core of the rural lation. Then call three other nations that aspire to rule over the Macedonians, Bulgarians, Serbs and Greeks and three of dispute distant nationalities: Vlachs, Turks and Jews. But none of these nations do not inhabit a particular territory, but occur here and there in the country. After all fields of Macedonia encountered a nation of peasants Slovenian language istochnopravoslavna religion. They Bulgarians consider their own "language and in heart", citing even the Great Bulgaria, created by the Treaty of San Stefano and the name "Bulgarians" in which victims of the Berlin treaty fought against the Turks. Serbs consider "Serbs" - because Dušan country has ever included "all of Macedonia", the monuments that have survived the Turkish rule and that the language was "starosrpski" and because Macedonians celebrated "glory." Finally come the Greeks, that there was no decisive significance origin or language, but only the "spirit" and culture, which was Greek, and as the French, for example, it could be said that they are Latins, and the Macedonians can not be said that they are "Greeks".It is obvious that the Macedonian Slavs are not Greeks. But despite having some similarities in mentality, religion and language with the Bulgarians and the Serbs, they feature than both of the others. Ask a villager from Ile Borough or from Bitola, how he feels, he will answer nine times out of ten: Macedonian! Therefore the Slavic lation of Macedonia should be separately as a separate nationality whose name would be Macedonian Slavs brief, Macedonians ... "Although French diplomacy has always been well aware of the situation in Macedonia as a great power which played a prominent role in the world and influenced the historical pattern, she played a constructive role in maintaining the integrity of Macedonia. Starting from their own interests, often their "sympathy" has set out to Serbia and Greece, to those who have a big appetite to Macedonia. For contrast, French intellectuals have always looked with sympathy for the Macedonian people.However, as in the past and today, the question of any of the EU feel the citizens of Macedonia, they will respond by ten, ten times that they are Macedonians, and that will not change the name. Therefore, as a leading country in the EU, which France well knows Macedonia should once and for all and stop the insatiable demand of their Poulain Greece and to help Macedonia to join the EU and!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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